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artificial intelligence tuned aurora

Huawei recently unveiled the new ferry Mate 20 Pro. To emphasize its result in a special way and to demonstrate its excellent performance in the field of artificial intelligence, Huawei united the team of artists and gave them an exciting challenge: to capture the sound of light. A project that combines technology and art transforms the fascinating natural phenomenon of polar brilliance into something completely new – the symphony “The Sound of Light”.

Many months of cooperation put on trial the possibilities of human learning for artificial intelligence in the field of pattern recognition and the creation of new sound compositions. Participants faced a difficult challenge. They needed a polar glow in Norway, and then a special artificial intelligence system on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro to learn how to automatically recognize its key functions and turn them into musical elements, which were then incorporated into a unique symphony using the phone. In the final part of this task, the group of artists was faced with the creation of a more sensory experience that combines innovations in artificial intelligence with an unexplored language of polar hue or aura.

Wonderful journey: from the polar shine to the final work

Hunter Aurora Ketil Skogli took off the aurora under the night sky in a spacious field of fire from the city of Tromsø in Norway. When the recording was completed, the recordings were sent to the sound studio, where they were processed by award-winning composer Mark Seifriz using a special artificial intelligence system and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro telephone and based on their unique symphony.

Then the musical masterpiece was presented to one of the best composers and conductors of the world, James Shirman, and made an unforgettable orchestral performance “Sound of Light” from the famous Brahms Hall in Vienna. Intellectual intelligence of Huawei Mate 20 Pro was used as inspiration for all travel and movement expectations.

“With the Sound of Light effect, I wanted to instill strong emotions in the audience so that they could feel how the polar glow and artificial intelligence really talk to them through music,” said James Shirman, composer and conductor of the “Sound of Light” symphony.

The inclusion of the impossible: the role of the phone Mate 20 Pro in the symphony "Sound of Light"

To implement the symphony “The Sound of Light” it took a very powerful device. Therefore, Huawei Mate 20 Pro turned out to be an indispensable element in the implementation of the entire project. For the successful operation of a specially created system of artificial intelligence, she used her numerous advanced functionality, so it is credited with great success.

To begin with, the engineers were assigned the task of creating a unique artificial intelligence system that could be taught to identify and analyze various light characteristics. Then this artificial intelligence learned to integrate musical elements with images of the polar shadow.

“With the introduction of artificial intelligence to my music, a completely new range of creative possibilities opened up. Now I can import polarized images into an artificial intelligence system that analyzes parameters such as color, size, shape, and speed. Based on what he sees, he then generates various variations of my musical phrases. Therefore, when artificial intelligence recognizes a particularly dramatic light effect, it can adapt the sound to reflect the intensity in the composition itself. They can then incorporate these elements into the symphony itself, " explained composer Mark Saifritz.

All created musical elements usually require very powerful computers at the stage of intensive processing. However, with the help of a special artificial intelligence system, the team managed to change the next generation of the Mate 20 Pro. During the show, the converted data through the phone was loaded into synthesizers, which then supplemented the symphony with various musical tones.

“The development of artificial intelligence has long been one of the main priorities of Huawei. Artificial intelligence, like many other innovative technologies, allows us to overcome our capabilities and achieve achievements that have been unavailable recently. The symphony “The Sound of Light” is a great indicator of this, “ said Wang Yangming, president of CEE and the Scandinavian region of the Huawei Consumer Business Group.

Living Symphony in Vienna: an evening of artificial intelligence, music and polar brilliance

Ask a question "How does the polar glow sound?" the orchestral performance was performed in the Brahms Hall in the Musikverein Concert Hall in Vienna, which was created using artificial intelligence. The musical spectacle was performed by the Synchron Stage orchestra conducted by conductor James Shirman.

The Sound of Light event from Huawei, organized by Ina Sabiter, was attended by media representatives and other important guests. The performances were bright, and the magical evening included the film “Genesis”, which showed the whole process of creating a magnificent project.

Researchers: a brief presentation of the key creators of the Sound of Light symphony

Ketil Skogli, Aurora Hunter: Photographer and Polar Shine Search Guide in Tromsø, Norway. Kjetil helped capture the polar shadow of many media outlets, such as the BBC, 60 minutes Australia, NRK and many others. In the performance of the Sound of Light, he played a key role as a guide to finding the thin polar shadow.

Mark Saifritz, composer: one of the most famous musicians, composers and producers. Mark has received several awards for his excellent background music, including the work he has done for Audi, Nike, Levi & 39, Reebok and the NBA. The role of Mark in the project Sound of Light was to capture the elements of sound created by a special system of artificial intelligence, and placing them in a symphony. His love of cooperation, understanding of technology and musical donuts proved invaluable in the project.

James Sherman, conductor – founder of the British conductor and orchestra, whose music includes more than 80 feature films, including Harry Potter and Firefly, Beauty and the Beast, and Manchester by the Sea. The role of James Shirman as the organizer and conductor of the Sound of Light played a decisive role in the final act of linking nature and artificial intelligence with the orchestral group.

Synchron Stage Orchestra: The Synchron Stage orchestra consists of specially selected musicians from the most famous Viennese orchestras. The orchestra operates under the auspices of Synchron Stage Vienna, a recording studio that specializes in organizing large orchestral ensembles and performing musical music. The orchestra has extensive experience with the implementation of musical bases of music, and its ability to adapt music to visual effects has played an important role in the implementation of the performance.

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