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While Kate was saving up yesterday, Megan was wearing new clothes for 5,000 people today.

In the later stages of pregnancy, Megan was beaming.

The most famous sister-in-law will probably be compared forever, although the two have obvious connections. This is, of course, how different they are. And over the past two days they all showed it again.

Source: Reuters

Gentle kate

Although Kate is more modest in relation to people, Megan is pompous and has exactly the same effect on their taste and wardrobe. As we could see yesterday, when Kate visited Scotland, when she visited William, when she opened a new museum in Dundee, which is the patron saint, she unhesitatingly pulled out a 6-year-old model from Alexander McQueen.

Source: Reuters

Pompous Megan

On the other hand, Megan, who today visited the National Museum in London, pulled a completely new model from Brandon Maxwell’s workshop, for which, as we all see, he gave about 5,000 euros.

Only clothes cost about 2 thousand euros, and a jacket for them – 2300 euros.

Source: Reuters

It is not for me that Megan came out in the ranking as the most expensive duchess ever. Fashion experts have recently calculated the cost of clothing for 2018 from royal families in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Norway.

The wife of Prince Harry-Megan was very surprised by the amount received. She spent over 450,000 euros, and I did not include the wedding dress or her own things that she brought from home. Compared to other members of the royal family, it is several times more.


How many women do they spend on the kingdom? The most expensive is clear!

In spite of everything, she was beautiful!

However, it must be admitted that, although Megan must be unpredictable, the set of peaches has now made its way, and indeed, with grace, he can make mandatory visits alone, without her husband Harry, See how it was in the photo gallery:

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