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Toyota Corolla: family complete. Elegant Sedan – News – Auto

After the hatchback and Touring Sports, the Toyota Corolla is also a sedan. However, unlike his brothers and sisters, he retains the autonomy of design. And the others are engines.

Corolla sedan will be different from the hatchback ...

Corolla sedan will have a difference
hatchback and more representative design. Look at the bumper with
larger varnished surfaces or more elegant lamps.


This year, Toyota introduced the new Auris hatchback in Geneva. Then you
everything changed, and at the summer premiere of the Touring Sports wagon,
that auris ends. Accordingly, this is a specific name used for
Europe since 2007 will send in the past. Hatchback Auris Raid
Halo again, like in the good old days. He just missed the game.
last member. And this is the most successful – sedan. Since 1996 when
The corolla came into the world, with 46 million copies
most are just the classic three-stringed version. This name is never a whisk.
nespreneverila. He drove them in contrast to the hatchback and estate all the time
careers in Europe. So in another generation. And now the time has come
new one.

Sedan uses Touring Sports, ...

Sedan uses wagon platform
Touring Sports, which means a longer wheelbase (2,700 mm) and more
for rear seat passengers.
Posted by: Toyota

Toyota unveiled it at the Canton Auto Show in China. Not really
Surprisingly, Corolla is a global model introduced in Asia through Europe.
in USA. But on every continent it will be a little different. And it is true
on the European version, of which Toyota has just released a few
official images. Well, it also means that the sedan is offered a model.
the council will maintain autonomy. While the hatchback and touring sports have been omitted
dynamic design, the sedan wants to be more elegant and more representative. and
therefore, the front bumper has a large area of ​​painted parts, some
smaller suction inlet, chrome mask and simpler shape
lights with different graphics. Taillights and rear also elegant

The back of the short hood is different from ...

Even the back with a short hood.
different from the other Coroll. New bumper and headlights are also new.


The basis of the sedan is Touring Sports, which means that, unlike
the hatchback has a suspension suspension axle length of 61 mm – from 2.639 to
equal to 2 700 mm. The new TNGA platform, more precisely the GA-C version,
brings not only a lower center of gravity and up to 60% greater rigidity
bodywork, as well as the ability to use the latest assistance systems and
hybrid technology that Corolla did not offer, unlike Auris.
Passengers will also get more seats in the rear seats. Suitcase
We do not know. The dashboard and infotainment system captures the sedan from the already known
version. The instrument panel includes a 7-inch TFT-display. In the center
has a stepless 8-inch touch screen interface Toyota Touch
Ii. The novelty is a head-up display with a diagonal of up to 10 inches.

The control panel and infotainment system captures the sedan from ...

Control Panel and Infotainment System
Takes a sedan from already known versions. Dashboard contains
7 inch TFT display. The center has an 8-inch touchscreen.

Posted by: Toyota

It's nice that the new Corolla will offer the full package in the series.
Toyota security systems. So you can find on board
emergency warning, autonomous brakes with the detection of pedestrians and cyclists,
Adaptive cruise control with full choke, drive current control
with service, traffic tag reader and automatic switching
remote lighting Under the hood, the situation is different from the situation
hatchback and wagon. Here you will not find the 1.2 Turbo engine. The corolla stays true
today's times are already the unique 1.6-liter Valvematic 4-cylinder
(97 kW) in combination with a 6-speed manual or continuous
CVT transmission. In this form, the Corolla sedan should be consumed on average.
6.1 liters of gasoline.

The hybrid will be more economical. Of the two hybrid systems available for
hatchback and sedan chosen only weaker. Four cylinder engine
with a capacity of 1.8 liters and the Atkinson cycle, which he gives with the help of an electric motor
no more than 90 kW. Rewards, however, use only 4.3 liters of gasoline per barrel
100 km, in line with the new, more stringent WLTP standard, so from reality
data should not be far away. Two-liter hybrid with a novelty unit
Dynamic Force does not get a sedan. He no longer relies on diesel.
applies to the entire series of models. Chassis with fully independent wheel suspension
The dynamic capabilities of the Corolla will go beyond the reserve. European
version of the sedan will be assembled still in the Turkish factory TMMT (Toyota
Engine production in Turkey). First customers must be first
quarter of 2019.

Toyota Corolla Sedan

Toyota Corolla Sedan -

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