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The pre-Preš horses did not take a weapon: the Danish land takes on a valuable scalp, and they are in the game about the process

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SILKEBORG – handball player Tatran Presov also played for the second time in the current season of the group stage of the men's championship 2018/2019 Bjerringbro-Silkeborg scalp. The winners of coach Slavko Gola defeated the leader of the Danish C-group after a home victory of 26:24 even in the eighth round of Sunday, when they won 30:29 in the Danish deck, although after the first half they fell behind at 14:17.

Prešovčania extended their LM LM season series on the boards of their opponents in four games and at the same time completed the home line of Bjerringbra-Silkeborg players. At the same time, Sharishani was confused in the fight for two playoffs in the playoffs. They remain in third place, but thanks to the profit of two additional valuable points, they achieved not only their Danish rival, but also the Sporting CP Lisbon.

The champion of Slovak Slovakia will be able to approach the event on Saturday, November 24 at 14.00 Moscow time, when he will be introduced to the Russian team of Chekhovskaya Medved, which will try to pay home the match at 27:28.

Results – Men's Champions League 2018/2019 – group stage – C-group (the first two in the playoffs to participate in eight finals) – Round 8 – Sunday:
Bjerringbro-Silkeborg (SS) – Tatran Presov (Wed) 29:30 (17:14)

Most goals for Bjerringbro-Silkeborg: N. O. Nilsen, J. P. Hansen, Markussen and Knudsen after 7
Set and Goals Tatran: Cvitković, Chupryna – Rábek 9, Hrstka, Lapajne 2, D. Krok, L. Urban 2, Cip 1, Vučko 3, M. Straňovský 4/1, Butorac 9/4, Kasal, Carapkin, Afanou Gatine, Babič
pok Holiday: 1/0 – 5/5, Exception: 4 – 3, RC: 36. Noddesbo (Bjerringbro-Silkeborg) for the foul, Schulze and Tony (both)

The home team got the lead in the score 5: 2, but Prešovčany quickly responded to the hint of a strong rebound, and Lapine equalized 7: 7 in the 13th minute. Tatran, thanks to the goals of Rabek and M. Stranovski, did not lag behind the favorite. In the final part of the first half, after 14:14, his players entered the attack, but the chance to get into the goal was not a mistake. The Bjerringbro team took advantage of this when he scored twice during the game for power and got a three-time intermediate date 17:14.

Less than four minutes after turning the game, the Slovak master was able to remove the semolina. Butorak equalized the penalty at 17:17, and then Tatran again did not take the opportunity to go into the lead. So he coped in the 40th minute when Chip scored from the flank (21:20). The home team responded with a three-point line at 11:21 pm in the 44th minute. Preshovchani experienced a subsequent weakness without a collected goal, and immediately after its expiration, the arrows of Rabek equated to 23:23.

At the beginning of the last ten minutes, L. Urban sent Tatran to the gate with two gates (26:24). The Danish team in the 58th minute, despite the game of weakness, equated to 28:28. It was the last minute that Butorak decided. The home team at the end of the game still scored goals, but he did not pay for the shot.

Besiktas Mogaz Istanbul (TUR) – HC Metallurg Skopje (Maced.) 23:22 (12:12)
Sporting CP Lisbon (Portugal) – Chekhov Bears (RUS) 33:31 (14:12)

1. Bjerringbro – Silkeborg 8 6 0 2 261: 216 12
2. Sporting 8 6 0 2 242: 220 12
————————————————– ————-
3. Presov 8 6 0 2 222: 206 12
4. Besiktas 8 3 0 5 200: 225 6
5. Chekhov's Bear 8 2 0 6 212: 226 4
6. Metallurg 8 1 0 7 193: 237 2

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