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The government must take a series of measures if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

If the UK exits the EU without an agreement, the CP government should take a series of measures to discuss it on Wednesday.

Measures should concern, for example, the rights to residence, social security, economic, transport or judicial cooperation.

For example, Slovakia is ready to take measures to preserve its current rights for British citizens living in the Slovak Republic, including the right to enter and reside or medical insurance for employees. The British side promised that in this case Slovak citizens living in the United Kingdom would retain their existing rights.

The government will also consider the Framework Position of the Slovak Republic on the EU Multi-Year Financial Framework (MFF) for the period after 2020, submitted by the Department of Diplomacy. Among the main priorities of Slovakia in the EU MFF for the period after 2020 is to increase the overall scope of this framework, maintaining a strong policy cohesion policy or sufficient and sufficient resources for the Common Agricultural Policy. “These are priorities and important positions that have the greatest impact on the SR, and not an exhaustive list of all the areas that will be important for the SR during the negotiations on SPT 2021-2027,” the report says.

In 2018, EUR 4.77 million was spent on the implementation of the “Ready for Work” project. Of this number, 4.37 million euros (the so-called exchange rate) was paid to an external provider conducting training programs, and more than 402,769 euros to job seekers (travel expenses and per diem). This is evident from the information of the Ministry of Labor on measures to eliminate barriers to the sustainable development of the automotive industry in Slovakia, which will be discussed by the Cabinet of Ministers.

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