Saturday , January 23 2021

Marilyn Monroe: Golden Globes: Error, Out of This Amount

The trophy was part of Icons & Idols: the Holien auction house Julien & # 39; s, which ran from Friday to Saturday. The new owner also discovered its 1959 Raven Black Ford Thunderbird, which auctioned $ 490,000 (431,870).

They also sold a black satin blouse with a tie, which Marilyn kept on herself on February 26, 1956 at a press conference at Los Angeles Airport ($ 43,750 – $ 38,560), copies of her first Playboy, whose envelope decorated her photo and signed by the founder the famous men's magazine Hugh Hefner (32 000 – 28 200 dollars) or the famous black and white pants (31 250 – 27 540 euros).

They also auctioned up other iconic memorabilia such as Sharon Tate’s wedding dresses from Roman Polan’s 1968 novels, a collection of the first ten comics, Amazing Spiderman, Strange Stories, annual No. 2, and Amazing Fantasy No. 15 "from 1962 to 1964, which was a recent lecture by Stanley Lew or a signed copy of Amazing Fantasy No. 15 of August 1962, the complete military uniform that Tom Hanks had as Forrest Gump, Batman George Clooney and Robin (1997) or Jeff Costume Bridges of the Big Lebowski (1998).

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