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Magic Eclipse of the Moon in Trencin: Space Theater on VIDEO!

Watch the amazing video of amateur cameraman and photographer Józef Dovin, who managed to capture breathtaking images of the total lunar eclipse around Trencin Castle.


Earlier last week we could be seen as the only witness.
astronomical phenomenon of an eclipse of the full moon. According to Pavel Rapava from
The Slovak Union of Astronomers was the last eclipse of this
decades. The expert added that the closest eclipse will only
partially and finally July 16th. 2019. In total eclipse by
we will see him again Moon Month until September 7th. 2025th

During the full phase, Rapavi Moon was reddish and
its lower part was darker because the space rival
he passed the center of the earth's shadow. The embodiment was in his words
play on a nice starry background, watching the stars on the right
Pollux and Castor Gemini, and a beautiful open star cluster on the left
Crows in Cancer.

As he added, the height of the eclipse above the horizon cannot be
inspirational for inventive photographers. All you have to do is choose the right one.
in the foreground. We were able to successfully capture this phenomenon.
west of the moon, as the contrast with the sky was sufficient.

Amateur photographer and famous amateur photographer also took advantage of his opportunity
Documentary film director Józef Dovicin from Lower Srnia, who completely overshadows the Moon
captured in Trencin with his lens Unique compositions of the Moon with Trensom
they are ultimately overwhelming. But that was not all. Besides
photographic images made the camera shoot the same phenomenon.
The result is as magical and charming as his photographs. Finally,
judge for yourself.

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