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Lina Meyer released the album after a series of radio hits. Hear her new single

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Since the release of the Personal Sky hit, the Slovak Radio Air has flooded songs that regularly occupied the top positions of the most successful domestic hits. Singer Lina Meier decided this year to release all her successful singles on her debut album. At the same time, he presents the new single "So High".

In 2015, the talented Kosicanka presented its breakthrough single Personal Skyfor which the interest of the media and the general public was highly appreciated for the first time, and which immediately became a hit with Slovak radio stations. Since then she went through the continuation of single singles, but after three years she decided to collect all her hits and release along with other songs in the album, so she symbolically ends her artistic era and starts a new one.

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“After the singles I wanted to present to people, I said that it was time to repeat everything. I went a long way, and when I listened to individual songs, it seemed to me that I liked the idea of ​​offering my fans something complete that had a beginning and an end, "he explains Lina meyerwhy she decided to release her debut album after a long wait only this year.

The CD release is scheduled for March of this year, and its production is currently in its final stages. “90% finished, we are still finishing one bonus, and I want to bring something special to my fans, so I am also preparing for the product,” he says.

Waiting for the album will be enhanced by the dance novelty

While the finalization of the album is completed, Lina decided to send her new singles to her fans. So highTo make them wait for the album will be more pleasant and shorter. Dance song created in the recording studio Studio 7 under the direction of the court producer Linino Randy gnepThe author of the lyrics and music is Lina, like all his previous compositions. After the last single the fallwhich brought a dreamy, more peaceful atmosphere to the air, Line, in her own words, required a small change, something bright, with more energy and ease,

“With the producer, we always try to move the bar in our work, we try new sounds, new ways to make it not monotonous, I really like it, I like the current trends in foreign production, and this song was made in Slovakia.” We made the best of what we slept at the moment, so let's hear it as a result, ”adds Lina to her point of view on the sound and genre of her new single.

Singel emerged as one of the many demons that Lina and Randy created and worked together. Gradually the choice narrowed until the song remained. So high, to which both agreed, so we decided to finish it. “There are more ways to create a song, be it the first idea, or just a melody, or both, in this case the sound, rhythm, energy and emotions that led me,” Lina tells her about the background of the novelty, which is not quite her typical.

“I’m a nice, thoughtful person, but this song is about something else, about being easy, when you don’t even think about it, you just allow yourself to drift because it’s good for you, so I spontaneously attacked the story, which I inserted into the text, a story that at least every young man has ever experienced. At the beginning of the song, Groove broke into my proposal to "leave the house" … I had a vision when I went to a place where there was music, fun, friends, and then When the chorus ended, it became clear that it would be a good feeling when you are with such a good person that you forget about time, just dancing, laughing and having fun, ”he adds to the inspiration of the song.

This was reported by Edita to PR-manager Adriana Chakhoyova from Soul For Show. We edited the press release.

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