Tuesday , January 19 2021

New 2019 SEAT Leon hatchback spied

SEAT Leon will be replaced in 2019, and our most vivid images of the spy will show that all new models are being tested.

While the hatchback version of the new Mk4 is wearing a full-body disguise, you can still see the new family face, first seen on the new Tarraco SUV. In other words, the grille of the new car will be more vertical and lower on the front side of the car than on the old Leon, while its headlights are thinner and angular down to the edges of the grille.

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Behind Leon's smooth shape will become more angular; between the base of the rear window and the trunk lid will be a much more noticeable step. Large rear wing elements, which allows the use of a smaller window line without compromising aerodynamic efficiency. A small gap in the lining of the trunk lid suggests that the new Leon, like the Tarraco, will also have a bright full-width bar.

Previous shots of the spyware version with a pattern that gave us an undisguised look on the flanks of the car showed that the folds of the current car will be largely transferred to the new model. Dr. Matthias Rabe, a member of the company's board of directors in charge of research and development, told Auto Express last year: “Car styling is not a revolution, but a great evolution. You will see that this is Leon; You can not transfer it to any car in this segment. But this is what we work on, across the whole range; we now have a clear, consistent product design identity. ”

The summer of the fourth generation will be a key part of a serious attack on the product from SEAT – the most intensive deployment of new or heavily revised models in the history of the Spanish company. It is also a key car in terms of electrification, and the plug-in hybrid version was confirmed for release in 2020.

"This is our biggest push ever." Said Rabe: “We had Ateka, now Arona, an update of Ibiza, tightened by Len. But only now are we really accelerating; Over the next three years, we will see six or seven new models, and most of them will be brand new. ”

The next generation of Leon will still be based on the technology of the MQB VW Group platform – the same chassis parts that underlie the current car, as well as the Skoda Octavia and VW Golf. However, we can expect SEAT to stretch Leon's wheelbase a few millimeters to increase the cab's rear space. Three-door options will be discarded, and only five-door models and ST-salons will be presented.

The engine range will also be familiar with the 1.0 and 1.5-liter gasoline and 1.6-liter diesel. He will probably also receive at least some of the electronics architecture from the upcoming Mk8 Golf, which will allow the use of a flexible 48V hybrid, although this may happen later in the life of the car. The plugin arriving in 2020 will be able to travel 31 miles only on electricity.

SEAT EVs on the way

Along with the Leon PHEV, SEAT confirmed that in 2020 there will be a fully electric vehicle that is likely to take over the name of the SEAT Born when it arrives.

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Speaking at Auto Express in 2017, SEAT project manager Alejandro Mesonero acknowledged that the car was signed. Mesonero directly compared it to Leon – another hint that the two cars have the same bodistille.

“The process for the MEB car was pretty fast,” said Maisonero. “It is clear that these are SEATS. I enjoyed watching the MEB car sitting next to the next Leon in the studio. EV sits a little higher due to the location of the battery. [in the floor]and this is different from the packaging. ”

SEAT also has ambitious plans for the recently launched Cupra brand – starting with the new hot Ateca. And, as Auto Express, which appeared in August, the company considers the possibility of using its high-performance models as cuprals in its own right. Rabe declined to comment on this speculation, but he said: “It is clear that Cupra is not limited to Len. There are many people in our organization who support this. ”

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