Sunday , January 17 2021

Jeon Somi is set to make a solo debut next year.

Jeon Somi may make his solo debut next year!

On November 21, it was reported in the news for the first time that for the time being, John Somy is working on a new music with the goal of a solo debut in March 2019.

If this is confirmed, these will be the first events of Jeon Somi after leaving JYP Entertainment in August and joining Black Label, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment label, headed by producer YD Teddy, in September.

Jeon Somi first appeared in the JYP Entertainment reality show "SIXTEEN" and became more famous after winning first place on Produce 101 on Mnet. She made her debut as a member of the project group I.O.I and was in various variety shows.

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