Sunday , January 24 2021

Is the actor Meteor Garden Dylan Van in Manila anytime soon?

Is the Chinese actor Dylan Wan from the 2018 meteor garden remake arriving in Manila?

Meteor Garden fans have suggested that his possible visit to the country after a local clothing brand published a teaser for his new campaign.

The video was attended by previous endorsers Jerry Yan and Lee Min Ho, who played leading roles in Meteor Garden in the Taiwanese and Korean versions, respectively.

Many guessed that Van could come to Manila, like the two “Meteor Gardens”, which are also led by the endorsers who visited the country.

Sharply showed a teaser for the new endorser, and fans have guessed that this is a van. However, the clothing brand has not yet confirmed the identity of its new endorser.

Wang is an actor and model best known for her first lead role as Tao Ming Xi in the remake of Meteor Garden in 2018.

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