Saturday , January 23 2021

Hawker's Misconception: TISG Will Hold the Line

We stand for the little guy and we leave without addressing the plight of our merchants – this is a bad service for our society.

It is at such moments that we often ask ourselves: why do we do what we do?

We are the fourth estate and we want to give voice to the person on the street. On our pages we tell that our state-owned media are not blind. We are guided by our mission to hold those who are accountable to the authorities for their excesses and serves as a platform for whistles.

Let 20go from the November books in history, like the day when NTUC Foodfare, the organization that bears the name of our union, was after independent media defended the rights of workers.

Obviously, an apology to the NTUC Foodfare product is an easy way out – we leave without financial loss, and all we need to do is apologize and withdraw these two articles. That would be the best solution to take financially.

But TISG does not depend on profit. What motivates us the most is the “return the pen to the hands of a journalist”. To cover stories such as people who themselves suffer alone, give voice to the deaf.

The two articles in question are factual, and we have evidence to support her to confirm what we wrote. However, we are curious that NTUC Foodfare's public statements somewhat contradict our conclusions.

We wrote to lawyers David Lima and Partner, who addressed them with a statement to the NTUC FoodFare media and requested a letter.

There are big problems here, and we in the public mind believe that the articles should remain published until it is proved that NTUC Foodfare is false and unreasonable. Below are some additional questions about NTUC Foodfare products:

  1. Should a union hand do business like Foodfare? There is no conflict of interest?
  2. When it comes to the small business operator and the business unit of the union, what effect does a small operator have on negotiating a fair contract?
  3. Does the availability of NTUC Food Fair products and does it take into account the position of small businesses / business traders to meet the fines?
  4. What is their policy to ensure that during the holiday periods, when many employees leave for the holidays, the welfare of workers, and not just the stand holders, is respected?
  5. Do holidays apply to small business operators?

This is a clear example of how tripartism in Singapore failed. In this model there is an inherent limitation. It is clear that trade unions should remain out of business.

We can not be wrong to get up for what is right. In the difficult situation of the hockey players, we feel the pain of all those who worked hours in front of a hot stove so that we could have inexpensive meals in Singapore. We can not and will not be crammed with power. TISG will adhere to the line in protecting the rights of our merchants, workers and the downtrodden.

Kumaran Pillay

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