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A stranger snatched a three-year-old boy from his mother

The young mother remained confused after a stranger kidnapped her three-year-old son, and then kissed him and said that he was “mine.”

Sammy-Jo Tucker, 28, had to physically fight to get her son back from a stranger, and she was petrified, her young boyfriend was about to be kidnapped.

The mother of three children walked slightly in front of Eric, when the incident occurred on Saturday at the Flying Scottish Health Center in Doncaster.

When she turned to tell him to catch up, a man in a white tracksuit stepped between her and her son and in an instant grabbed him, and then kissed his cheek and told his frightened mother that he was "mine."

Eric Tucker, who was kidnapped by a strange man in downtown Doncaster, before his mother brought him back (SWNS)

Lonely Sammy-Joe, who was in the center of Doncaster, along with two other children, Elektra, eight, and Elaina, two, struggled with this man to bring Eric back.

She said: “This terrible man tried to hold Eric tight, but I pulled him and just started screaming so loudly that in the end he returned him to me.

"Eric froze in fear when I finally grabbed him – it was terrible."

Sammy-Jo says that the consequences of this incident made her wary when she was absent, and warned other parents to be vigilant.

She added: “It really influenced Eric – he was sociable and noisy, but now he is much calmer and prefers to sit with his head down.

“He stops every time someone he doesn’t know goes too close or passes by my window.”

At first, Sammy-Joe said that she was just confused.

She added: “At first, I thought that this man was my friend when he kissed Erik’s face, but as soon as I heard him say“ mine, ”I realized that a complete stranger had grabbed him.

“I tried to grab Eric and pull him back — three people passed by, but no one stopped to help, but I don't think they understood what was happening.

“My son was given to my friend with whom I was, and he sat in a buggy, frozen in shock, and his friend appeared, and they left, smiling.

"I tried to talk to Eric to tell him that he was fine, and I would never allow anyone to take him, but he did not want to talk about it."

She said she reported the incident to the police and was about to order a belt for the next family trip.

South Yorkshire police were contacted for comment.

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