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Luna Logani and Miki Zhurichich ran into her former boyfriend Sloboda Radanovich, gossiped and imitated her in front of their roommates. A blogger and beekeeper from Kupinova gave their colleagues a real show in which the main character was a singer.

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But Mickey took the opportunity to make a Pink Star.

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– Who created it. He will never apply for singers. I will tell you the information that I should not have spoken. She had to enter Cooper, not his. She was more interesting than him, so she told him to step in to promote. Otherwise, they wanted her because she was talkative, pretty. He is a mocking horse that has gained weight in the Cooperative, said Mickey and presented his theory of the love triangle, which was the basis of the previous season of riality.

photo: Vladimir Šporčić, Damir Dervagagich

“Kia and Luna are his victims.” She has the right to be a brahman, to break the marriage, and who is your husband, mother? That you are allowed to remember the marriage, the perfect marriage in the homeland. They were not two years old, but Djuričić.

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All this preceded the radical Radovanovic. After many tears shed for Slobs and admiration that she still loves him, Luna decided to start with contraception – to make fun and talk about the worst of ex-boyfriends.

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“He had arms and legs and was widespread,” Luna began to say, and then showed the co-ops how it looked.

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All this time, Mickey worked, who started hitting the wall and imitating Slob, and roommates screamed with laughter. Then a beekeeper from Kupin grabbed the moon by the head and pulled her jaw, and when she entered her face, she said:

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-What do you want from me? What should I do? – He asked, and the blogger with his friends laughed and said that the original was Sloba.

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– Mickey imitates his scanning. You know how he erupted, ”Luna said, and Miki continued:

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– You know, when journalists come, therefore they ask him a question, and he gets up and does not know what to say. Therefore, he is just beginning to shout: “Yes, I am guilty, you are all healthy,” said the beekeeper, and Luna added:

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– “I'm the worst!” I hurt me * ac. Then he left the room, ”explained Jogani.

I hope Sloba uses a condom.

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Miki уриuričić again told Luni that he was a fool who still loved Radanic, and then decided to provoke her.
"They say he's in love now," said Miki, and Luna jumped up:
– Whom is he in love with?
“In one of Banja Luka, a millionaire,” Mickey told her, adding that after his speech he would always be with two or three girls.
“Fudge, I hope to use protection,” Luna said. Stuparusic / Photo: Printscreen


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