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Mitsubishi offers a new concept electric SUV

Japanese Mitsubishi presents the concept of a solid SUV at a prestigious automobile exhibition.

Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept

Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer Concept

This concept, called Engelberg Tourer, will be focused on the technology of the new generation.

The photo "Teaser" depicts a dark silhouette of an SUV with a Dynamic Shield front mask and thin blue LED lights, as well as a pair of headlights.

In addition to showcasing new technology, the Mitsubishi concept will also provide insight into the future development of off-road vehicle design and practicality.

Since it was named after the ski resort, it is also clear that Engelberg Tourer will focus on field flavor.

Mitsubishi eX Concept 2016.

Mitsubishi eX Concept 2016.

The Japanese company announces "improved electrical performance", but there is no data, whether it is the same power or a hybrid drive.

Mitsubishi recently focused on hybrid technology, but it does not neglect the complete electrification of the car.

It is expected that the serial version of the small electric SUV, announced in 2016 by the eX concept, will be presented soon.

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