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KALINIKA FOR KOSOVO RETAIN THE BATTLE OF A TV COMPANY HOPE OF PALBO: When will you go from Orthodoxy to ISLAM and what name will you get instead of Nicholas ?! (PHOTO) | sport

A burning controversy provoked Nikolai Kalinich’s views on Kosovo and Metohia! The representative of Serbia fully revealed this delicate problem and thus caused anger of a part of the population.

photo: Profimedia

“The struggle in Kosovo has lasted 600 years and more, and for many decades it has not been our territory. Nobody lives in the past, and as soon as we reconcile with the present and continue, we will become better, ”one of Kalinic’s statements from the interview with Blik, who calmed down in social networks, was published.

Scandalous comments followed by the national team of Serbia. Regardless of whether someone agrees or not, insulting Kalinich is completely unacceptable, the most primitive words. In addition, he received a large number of reports that he is no longer undesirable in a national T-shirt.

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"I have never seen a German or an American drunk, stole from shops, smashed, and who knows what else … Of course, there is a standard, but perhaps a mentality," Kalinich wrote on Twitter and added another anger on the back.

photo: print twitter
photo: print twitter

Basketball player Fenerbahce already in the past expressed opinions on many issues that have nothing to do with sports. Therefore, he wished the worst from the national Serbian airline, supported people who protested on the streets, but also asked how many Serbs would work for the state for two months, like basketball players in the summer. We give you the thoughts of Kalinik, which definitely will not leave anyone indifferent.


I wish all the worst "Er Serbia"

– Although the national company "Air Serbia" I want the worst. So far I have no choice in which company I fly, but now I try to go around them when I can. Thank you, ”wrote Kalinik on Twitter.


Representation – two months of life for free

– I openly ask anyone who criticizes us or someone who does not respond to the team – who would come and separate two months of their lives every year. It took a little more than a year in six years to do something for your country, and that's fine, everything came back, you won several awards, when you won something that no one guarantees you win, and they are small compared to some prizes they get other submissions. How many people in Serbia would spend two months of their lives doing something for the state? To build roads, buildings, anything to save your street? How many would have worked two months for nothing, Kalinich asked in an interview with Mozart Sports.


People finally oppose injustice

– It's great that people finally got up and began to fight injustice and stupidity. I even more support the position of remaining apolitical, at least for some time, because lesser evil is never a solution, not a big one. Whoever has promised that he will fulfill all these requirements or, otherwise, will immediately resign all functions and will be punished for the extra time spent, let him lead the protests.


We take selfies instead of learning online

– In a few clicks we have access to all the knowledge about this world, on a mobile phone, access to history, and we use it to view rijalitije. Sometimes I think that all these scientists, if they had this knowledge in their hands, made even greater discoveries. Can you imagine what Nikola Tesla or Albert Einstein would do with all this easily accessible knowledge? Instead, we use it to view interesting clips and photograph selfies.


On the (again) bombardment of Serbia

– So wake up, buzzer, you write dangerous nonsense! What strangers think of us, we saw in 1999, if you remember when they were caught by bombs. For the better and no, do you agree ??? – tweeter was told Kalinin, to which he quickly replied.
“Judging by the comments I read today, I really do not know …” Kalik commented on this.
“What to say and not cry,” wrote Twitter.

photo: print twitter

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