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Investigative judge exclusively for Alo: the police did not ask us to conduct an investigation after the murder of Dzhinshich!


06/14/2019. 23:05 – 14.06.2009. 23:51

Aleksandar Koljic, a former investigative judge of the Belgrade District Court and the Deputy District Attorney of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior, did not call for an investigation into the assassination of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic on March 12, 2003 in the courtyard of the Serbian government, but on their own initiative they heard the assassination of television!

Zoran Djindjic

If shot by Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, the duty investigating judge and the district attorney of the district found out about television and, on their own initiative, launched an investigation. Photo: EPA

This scandalous fact was confirmed by our former judge Kolich, who conducted the investigation almost an hour later. Judge Cholich, after 16 years, for the first time talks about this understanding of the media, and “Alo!” Exceptionally emphasizes that it was very unusual and against the law.

The fact that the duty investigating judge and the duty deputy prosecutor are not informed by the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs and summoned for investigation contradicts the Criminal Procedure Code and for me, as the then duty judge, it was very unusual. But I don’t know anything about the reasons why they did this, and I don’t want to guess, ”says Judge Colic exclusively for“ Hello! ”

Understanding After The Murder Of Zoran Djindjic

Only an hour later, was it possible to see the investigation after the assassination of Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, Photo: EPA

If they did not have a television in the office, they would not even know that the prime minister was seriously injured.

– in my memory, At about 12.45 on television, we saw information from the first video recording that Prime Minister Dzhindzhich and his security personnel were shot dead in the courtyard of the Serbian government in Nemanjin Street and that they were injuredOf course, the prosecutor and I expected that we would very quickly inform us about the duty service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belgrade, call us and deliver them to check that in accordance with the then Code of Criminal Procedure was mandatory for such events. Time passed, and there were no calls from MOUP. The prosecutor and I were already prepared to leave the court, and in about half an hour had passed from the search for information on television, and there was no call from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, we decided to go alone and conduct an investigation. “We wanted to go on foot, because the court building was located a few hundred meters from the Serbian government,” Judge Kolich said, “Alo!”.

They had all our phones

He points out that on the day of the prime minister’s assassination, the duty attorney of the district attorney Jasmina Vasić was on duty at the Palace of Justice and that the duty officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belgrade had a schedule of the duty judge and the prosecutor and all their phone numbers, and that they were all morning from 7.30, usually reported before the assassination of the prime minister.

According to the judge, at around 13:20 the deputy prosecutor heard her former chief of staff, the district attorney Rada Terzić, and informed him that they would go to the police without police escort, which by then did not even call them.

Rde, Terzic, Bishop of the Prosecutor of the Higher District Prosecutor's Office

Rade Terzic, a former prosecutor of the Belgrade district prosecutor’s office in Belgrade, did not want to do his job as head of staff, but he went to the government building with some ministers, Photo: Archive

– Then the prosecutor Terzic said that he drove his official car to the Serbian government, and suggested that the deputy prosecutor should go with him, which we, of course, accepted. During the trip, Deputy Prosecutor Jasmin asked Prosecutor Terzic if he would take any official insights that he was entitled as a senior, and he told her that she would perform all official actions as a duty officer with me, and that he would go to the government. Therefore, he reiterated that he would not participate in the investigation, Judge Kolik said.

Without us it was impossible

I told him that no one had called us, but we came to conduct an investigation, because this is our official duty, and we believe that an investigation cannot be done without us, with which the inspector agreed, so we came to check, everything “within its jurisdiction,” Judge Cholich says.

He says that they quickly rushed to the entrance of the government courtyard, left the car, and the driver immediately drove the car from this place.

"Before me stood two armed men, before whom I did not know that they were." Prosecutor Terzic first approached them and ordered them to go to the government, they missed him without any checks and detentions, and he joined several ministers who were already in the courtyard, and then entered the government building.

The Prosecutor and I arrived a few minutes after Terzic entered the courtyard, and one of these two armed civilians asked us who we were and where we were going, saying that he could not enter the courtyard. We introduced him to the functions, his name and surname and said that we were going to conduct an inspection. He looked at this with our official identification cards and said that he should consult.

I asked him who he was and what service he belonged to, but he did not answer me, but he walked away from us and talked with someone for two or three minutes. Then he approached us and said that we could come in and do what we came for. We headed to the middle of the courtyard and at the entrance to the government building, which we later learned that it was entrance No. 5, I saw Branislav Mrvich, inspector of the duty service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belgrade, and one of the crime service technicians who identified these the doors, and the inspector spoke to him.

We came to him and asked the inspector why the duty service of the Belgrade Ministry of Internal Affairs did not inform me and the deputy prosecutor about this event and did not call us for a check, and he replied that he was immediately sent to the place and that he was waiting to call someone else from his office, ”says Judge Colic.

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