Monday , March 8 2021

35 OLD SUBOTICA PEOPLE RECEIVED A VACCINE: Immunization of citizens over 75 has begun

– Vaccination began at ten o’clock in the morning and was carried out every ten minutes in two groups in parallel. “Citizens will receive the next dose of vaccine in 21 days,” explained Dr. Verika Dronyak, spokesman for the Health Center.

– There will be another tour of vaccines, and when we receive data from e-government, the whole process will go through. The easiest way to apply is electronically and for seniors who don’t have someone younger to help over the phone. All patients will be notified personally when they need to arrive.

Giza Evetovich believes that everyone should get a vaccine against this virus, which has changed the lives of all of us.

– My son informed me and my husband. I’m not afraid, and everyone should be vaccinated, because this is the only way out of this crisis, says Giza.

The married couple Gombar – Tibor (95) and Magdolna (86) were among the first to receive vaccination.

“This is the safest way to prevent me from getting sick and passing it on to my family. We all want to live a normal life, ”Tibor says, adding that their daughter-in-law informed them of the vaccination the very first day it was published.

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