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What have we done with a good god yet? voted best film of the year

Editorial N Street Sports went to the premiere of the film “What have we done with a good god? »January 1, 2019 on the occasion of the preliminary promotion of the film, which will be released in theaters on January 30. This is a logical continuation of the first film, which was a great success with the French public. We find the same actor and the desired comedian Claudia Tagbo in the new role, which may well create a new controversy.

What did Verney's family do to a good god?

Claude and Maria Verney, played by Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby, play the role of practicing retired Catholic couples. They have 4 daughters, and they embody an ideal close family and are proud of their roots. The comedy of stereotypes and prejudices, which depicts rather narrow-minded parents about strangers. In the first part, they learn that their youngest child will marry a dark-skinned man, the three oldest of whom are already married to men of foreign origin. The family quickly becomes very cosmopolitan with an Arabian son-in-law, another Jew, also Chinese, and finally Charles, an African.

New crisis

It took some time to get her son-in-law, but family reunion went better and better, and the family finally seemed united. However, this serene climate will quickly ease tensions when 4 couples decide to leave France and settle abroad. Odile and David want to move to Jerusalem, Chao and Segolene in Shanghai, Isabelle and Rashid decide to settle in Algeria, and Lor and Charles dream of going to Bombay. Each couple has its own reasons, both professional and personal, they all want to leave France, a country in which they do not seem to be able to flourish.

Operation Long Live France

Claude and Marie Vernea are shocked by this news, which again struck their family. It is impossible for them that their daughters leave France in order to live abroad. Then they undertake a recovery operation to change their minds and especially to make them love France again, this country they love so much. In parallel, we also find the family of Coffey, Charles's parents, in France for news stories that may well amuse Claude Verney. Their daughter Vivian Coffey is expected to marry, but the details can spoil the joy of his father Andre.

Our opinion

We liked this new film, it's funny and full of cliché, but so well presented that the scenes are hilarious from beginning to end. We find Christian Clavira, as we like, with direct speech and spontaneity, which reminds us of some of his reactions and mythical facial expressions in previous roles.

The situations are even more comical and comical than others, but especially the news, which are of great concern to our favorite French and Ivorian families. With a smile, we sympathize with the actors, asking us: “What do we do with the families of the good gods Verney and Coffey? ".

Moved by the multiple “controversy,” as and when the film, Claude, Marie, Andrew and Madeleine are open and adapt to new ways of life in society.

In short, we chose this best film of 2019 and found that it is even better than the first release.

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