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US values ​​will follow on Wall Street

PARIS, June 12 (Reuters) – Major stocks that follow Wall Street on Wednesday, where index futures suggest a decline of 0.3 percent for Dow Jones and S & P 500 and 0.5 percent for NASDAQ:

* MEDIDATA SOLUTIONS loses 4.4% to US $ 90.60 during the pre-trade wallets after Dassault Systèmes announces a profitable takeover of $ 5.8 billion. USA (5.1 billion Euros) specialist in clinical trial software solutions. The rally, which rose sharply in April, was already on rumors about OPA Dassault, ended on Tuesday at $ 94.74, at a price of $ 92.25 offered by the French.

* APPLE is negotiating the purchase of a significant part of the INTEL business of manufacturing modems for smartphones, in fact, of its German subsidiary, which is a former division of Infineon modems, acquired by Intel in 2011 for $ 1.4 Billion, The Information website informs / 2XEnldl.

* QUALCOMM loses 3.2% in the forefront. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Tuesday opposed attempts by the chip maker to get justice to freeze a recent antitrust decision against it, while its appeal is being considered.

* KKR on Wednesday launched a bid of 6.8 billion Euros for the German publisher Axel Springer to become a strategic shareholder, and in the context of a shareholder agreement with Friede Springer, the founder's widow.

* MATTEL climbed 8.2% after closing on Tuesday after reports that the toy manufacturer rejected an unsolicited application from competitor MGA Entertainment, doll maker Bratz. Isaac Larian, head of the MGA, later confirmed this deviation, which follows the previous approach in the spring of 2018. In one year, Mattel lost 37% of its value.

* TESLA advance 2.4% at the forefront. The electric car maker has “good chances” to reach a record in the second quarter “at all levels,” said its CEO Elon Musk on Tuesday at the annual general meeting of shareholders.

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