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US-T-Mobile / Sprint Justice Solution – source

WASHINGTON, June 14. (Reuters). Next week, the US Department of Justice may decide on a proposed merger of T-Mobile mobile operators in the US for $ 26.5 billion ($ 23.7 billion). we learned on Friday from a source close to the file.

On Tuesday, as part of a federal investigation, the leaders of the Dish Network satellite network met with antitrust director of the Ministry of Justice Makan Delrahim and Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Ajit Pay. on the project is likely to greatly change the US telecommunications market.

An official document published on Friday shows that Dish "disagreed with Sprint and T-Mobile's proposal to merge in its current form," including a call for "at least four national mobile operators."

Ajit Pay last month agreed to merge US cell phones number three and four, in part because Sprint and T-Mobile agreed to sell Boost Mobile.

Verizon Communications, AT & T, T-Mobile and Sprint together account for more than 98% of the US mobile market, which accounts for more than $ 160 billion in total revenue. In the case of their combination T-Mobile and Sprint will gather more than 135 million customers.

Brendan Carr, a member of the FCC and a Republican such as Ajit Pye, expressed support for the proposed merger, and a third member of the council, Mike O 39; Rilly, said that he was inclined to support.

Before giving the green light, the Justice Department wants both groups to pledge to sell more assets, including frequencies, to encourage the emergence of a new competitor, a source said. The file, which says that the decision can not be made next week.

The Department of Justice and the FCC declined to comment on this information, as did Sprint and T-Mobile.

Dish Network, Altice USA and Charter Communications are considered potential Boost buyers, and possibly frequencies broadcast by Sprint or T-Mobile, the man added who wished to remain anonymous.

Ten US states filed lawsuits against Sprint and T-Mobile and their respective parent companies, the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Group and the German operator Deutsche Telekom, stating that the merger will lead to a sharp increase in prices,

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