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UGB Platform Mobilizes St Louis Players (video)

This interdisciplinary platform is aimed at “shaping the dynamics of participation between the subjects of agricultural development, producers, technical specialists, researchers, traders and decision makers”. This will allow these actors to gain access to agro-climatic information and use it in order to adopt more effective options for adaptation to climate change.

" This issue has caused Senegal, a Sahelian country, faced with the harmful effects of drought, because of its predominantly agricultural economy, which depends heavily on climatic conditions. Any deterioration or adverse climatic condition inevitably affects agricultural production, which jeopardizes food security. Umasman TIARE recalled, referring to the disastrous effects of climate change on the production capacity of traditional agriculture in the Senegal River delta.

He also expressed his “satisfaction” and “pride” to see “all categories of development participants” around the platform.

" I applaud the UFR Afro Carrier's commitment to this project. I remain convinced that the teachers-researchers of this UFR, known for their commitment to supporting research programs or agricultural production programs related to the territorial development policy of Senegal, will bring their scientific knowledge to this painstaking process of creating Added president of the UGB Assembly.

“We have the skills. They should serve the entire population so that they can take into account all the impacts associated with these phenomena, ”said the Rector of TIARI.

Professor Seydou Nuru SOLL, Coordinator of INNOVACSA, welcomed the support of OSIWA in the implementation of the project, before indicating that the stakeholders would “jointly build innovative strategies based on the project’s results. research and endogenous knowledge about the subjects of agriculture ".

“The process carried out under this program is“ Research-Action ”, which takes into account the knowledge and know-how of manufacturers,” explained SALL.

Continuing, he said that "the scientific challenge to improve the resilience of producer groups to climate change to ensure food security is significant."

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