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Tips to increase sales

The increase in sales is the concern of the overwhelming majority of leaders. It multiplies marketing strategies (advertising, phone calls, email search …) to give yourself every chance to achieve a better turnover. Here are some tips to increase and retain your customers.

Be the first ambassador of your company

Becoming an ambassador for your business means you have to use every opportunity to talk about your business. On the other hand, turning these cases into a tasteless monologue will lead to the opposite result. “In my business” … and not realizing that you have repeated your speech countless times and that your audience would like you to move on. In fact, it is your behavior that will make your environment want to hear from you, and this, of course, will convey to others a positive image of your company. Therefore, it is necessary that a journalist writing on a topic that he has already addressed several times should look for a new look in order to generate interest and never repeat the same anecdotes. Limit your speech so as not to monopolize the interests of the audience and prevent others from expressing themselves.

Devote every day to do the day before

Regularity is the main asset for communicating with your customers or using communication tools to develop your visibility or your fame: SEO on the Internet, customer reminders, newsletters … You need to successfully complete this task to develop a strategic plan to in which you will integrate the activities that must be carried out every day into your planning.

Be responsive to customer requests

We live in an era of immediacy, and new technologies force us to act with one click. New technologies have created a demand for customers almost immediately. They learned to sail, to see if the grass is greener in other places, and to shamelessly go to a competitor.

Customer database, your main asset

The database allows you to replace our faulty memory, filled with various requests, and allows us to work. Memory is selective and often chosen depending on our emotions and intimacy. The database becomes your memory as well as your guide because it collects the information you need to communicate with customers. You will use it wisely and strategy, highlighting the date of your last contact with the client, the number of times and comments that will allow you to refuse the next contact.

Keep your customers loyal

You can offer gifts to the best buyers of your products, so as not to forget about it, but you need to choose with relevance. Do not hesitate to regularly recall your good memories so that he does not forget you.

Request press

You will need to write press releases to attract journalists to cover your activities: fundraising, participation in the exhibition, new products … You can also use meetings at the exhibition, at press conferences … multiply the possibilities! The website is as modest as it remains a showcase and serves as a link. New habits mean that today Internet users and journalists are not shy about accessing the company's website. Make sure that it meets their expectations and questions. You will also have to pay special attention to his links and, therefore, to the choice of words used. Feel free to create a newsletter to report on your new products and services and develop your visibility.

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