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the end of a long confrontation the day after suspicious telescoping in France

“Abdoulay Balde would have joined McKee Sall. Everything will become clearer, and on Friday in Dakar will be a statement. The reason, according to our sources, would be that the president of the centrists will fight for the required number of signatures. He could only have 35,000 signatures, and he would have 80% at Casamance.
Of the reasons given will be pressure from the centrist International, as well as from religious families. Not to mention his accounts that were blocked, ”Dakaraktu wrote on Wednesday.

In truth, we must remember that, as a curious combination of circumstances, the two men were in the country of Marianna in early November. In France, the head of Ucs officially participated in the 38th General Assembly of the International Association of French-speaking Mayors (Aimf). Unofficially, he had to take this trip to decipher the call from Maki Sall, who gave him barely covered words during his last visit with the great pomp of the first Senegalese in Ziguinchor. These telescopic rumors prompting conspiracy theorists to summon the prospect of rallying the centrist mayor in the salons of Dakar.

It should be noted that after the 2016 referendum, the contact between the head of state and the former Secretary General of the President of the Republic was never broken, despite the beating of CREI and the rejection of Baldé, who is thus at the center of the real Barbishetta game.

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