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Studies on the "bleaching" of the investigation at Deutsche Bank (parquet)

Frankfurt, November 29, 2018 (AFP). A German court ordered a search on Thursday of six premises of Deutsche Bank, headquartered in Frankfurt, in a money laundering investigation aimed at at least two employees of the group, according to parquet.

According to information from the Panama Papers, the first German bank is suspected to "help clients set up companies in tax havens" for money laundering "from criminal offenses," explains the floor in a statement.

"It is true that the police are currently investigating several sites of our bank (…) in connection with the Panamanian documents," Deutsche Bank confirmed, promising to "fully cooperate."

According to prosecutors, on Thursday morning about 170 magistrates, police and tax agents began to search the bank’s premises in Frankfurt, Eschborn and Gross-Umstadt, capturing "numerous written and electronic documents."

Their investigations are aimed at “two employees between the ages of 46 and 50”, whose names or functions were not disclosed, as well as “a certain number of unidentified company executives”, all of whom are suspected of “laundering”. money. "

Investigators accuse the suspects of “not reporting suspicion of money laundering against offshore tax fraud companies” until the scandal with Panamanian newspapers opened in April 2016 despite the bank’s willingness to deal with these clients .

Only in 2016, says the prosecutor’s office, a branch of Deutsche Bank based in the British Virgin Islands, supported “more than 900 clients representing a business of 311 million euros”.

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