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Saint-Etienne: a draw and a bright tribute, the outcome of the match

Nantes - Saint-Étienne: a draw and a bright tribute, the outcome of the match

RESULTS NANTES – SAINT-ETIENNE – In a very strange match, marked by a tribute to a whole nation, Emiliano Sale, Nantes and Stefanois were divided into a draw. If the greens were in the lead, Nantes managed to get Amy back to the score. Brief match description and reaction.

23:15 – Rodier: "This match was only for him"

Valentin Ronger was very moved by the microphone of the Channel after this rally and this tribute: “It’s very hard not to win this match, we wanted to give him this gift. We fought like dogs, since he was on the field. We played with our weapons, this match was only for him. ”

23:12 – Cabella: “It's very hard to play.”

Cabella’s reaction after the match: “It’s very difficult to play in such a sad atmosphere, today there were more important things than football, a lot of support from family and friends.” It was normal not to celebrate a goal. It's hard in our heads, we take a point, but it doesn't matter, we must now listen to the fans. ”

23:10 – Tour of Honor

FC Nantes make a victory lap. Last homage Emiliano Sala. This is a whole nation that communicates together.

23:06 – Fans sing

From the final whistle, fans sing in unison with Emiliano Sale. Joke anecdotal

23:04 – END OF THE GAME! Draw 1-1

This ended in Beaujoire at this rally between Nantes and Saint-Etienne, marked by emotions.

23:03 – attempt Nordin

Nordin will try his luck on the right foot, but his attempt has been surpassed, and the ball goes past the gate. See you two minutes left

23:01 – Foul whistle

A free kick for Nantes will not do anything, because the referee whistles a charge from Nantes. We are now in overtime, there will be four

22:59 – A good free kick for Nantes

Valentin Roger will get a great free kick at the surface. Maybe a match!

22:58 – Mutussi is offside

Nantes brings dynamism at this end of the game, even if the latter is reported offside.

22:55 – five more minutes!

Within a few minutes in Bozhuare this does not happen much, with many changes and mistakes that pollute the end of the game.

22:53 – Salibur returns

A new change in this meeting with the introduction of Salibur instead of Dioni. We are looking for freshness on the green side.

22:52 – Coulibali accepts yellow

Another difficult card for Nantes with this yellow for Coulibaly after a small error on Monnet-Paquet

22:51 – Change to Nantes

A new change, but this time for Nantes with the liberation of Boskilia and the return of Mutussi

22:48 – an opportunity for green

Khazri free-kick on the left side. After some foul play, Dupé pulls the ball to the corner. The latter will not give anything

22:46 – Hamum is out

Transparent, Romain Hamumu did not weigh at the meeting and leaves his place in Nordin

22:45 – another quarter of an hour

Fifteen minutes of insanity for the residents of Nantes, who want this victory for Emiliano Sala. Saint-Étienne retreats in his environment and does not offer much to get out of this pressure.

22:44 – communication with supporters

Of course, Emiliano Sala was with all the inhabitants of Nantes to celebrate this goal. Incredible moment that Argentines would certainly appreciate

22:41 – GOAL! Varys calls!

Varys' sublime goal for FC Nantes. A magnificent counter with an incredible acceleration of Coulibaly against Subotik, who is ideally in the center at the touch of Varys, who throws to even the score for the penalty.

22:38 – answered Varis!

The immediate reaction of Nantaev to this shot of Varys was opposed by Kolodzeychak. Again, the corner gives nothing and foul even whistled at Stefan Ruth

22:37 – Transverse Monet-Pak

What a blow for Kevin Monnet-Paquet! The player makes the first blow from 25 meters and finds the crossbar. We were not far from the break.

22:35 – Good protection of green

Nantes pushes and gets a corner thanks to his captain Valentine Ronge, but, as in the first half, the defense of the Greens takes over these stages of the game.

22:33 – Crin goes to Nantes

Things need to be changed for residents of Nantes, and Krin leaves room for Quatenga

22:31 – Cabella did not celebrate the goal

Pay attention to the gesture of the class of Cabella, who did not respect his goal out of respect. A good tribute to the memory, even if it is terrible for Nantes, if the greens win tonight

22:28 – GOAL! Cabella opens the brand!

After one or two Khazri at the entrance to the district of Nantes, Cabella controls the face and shoots his shot. If defender Traore saves on his line, Cabella follows well and scores.

22:26 – space in the second half

With two players, less space in the second period is more important. But at the moment the actors are not able to change the situation in this Nantes – Saint-Etienne.


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