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POINT MARKETS-Europe on the rise, luxury and mining

                * Investors are waiting for a welcome speech from
* Brexit risk without growing consent
* Apple and Boeing results support markets
* Sino-US talks in downtown Washington
* CAC 40 increased by 0.95%, and Stoxx 600

Juliet Ruillon
PARIS, January 30 (Reuters) - Major stock exchanges
The Europeans finished higher on Wednesday, except
Frankfurt, with the support of the mining and luxury sectors,
contracts suspended following policy meeting
Federal Reserve monetary policy (FRS) and negotiations
Chinese Americans in Washington.
In Paris, CAC 40 ranked 0.95% on
4974.76 points supported by LVMH and luxury values.
The British pound gained 1.58%, helped by falling
pound sterling, but German ducks,
particularly sensitive to world trade, lost 0.33%.
EuroStoxx 50 Index added 0.26%
FTSEurofirst 300 0.30% and Stoxx 600 0.36%,
this latest index is going to publish its biggest growth
monthly since October 2015.
The Fed is due to announce its interest rate decision at 19:00 GMT.
Its president, Jerome Powell, will give in half an hour
press conference where he could repeat
his caution in the face of a slowdown in the US economy.
“Patience” is a new keyword at the moment, somewhat
responsible for the US central bank, leaving little
question their willingness to pause in
rising interest rates.
The market also awaits discussion on the balance sheet.
Central Bank after the Wall Street article
Newspaper that the Fed plans to slow down the decline
his balance is earlier than expected.
Sino-US trade negotiations
also closely followed as representatives
Washington and Beijing were to meet for
negotiations at the highest level since the truce was decided
Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping in December.
In Europe, markets seemed to take the risk
Brexit without consent, despite increasing risks after
Brussels rejected the call of British parliamentarians
reconsider northern irish support.
“Although a scenario without an agreement remains unlikely, it’s
the situation increases the risk of an accident and
both sides can be more prepared for this, "says
Bethany Payne (Janus Henderson).
According to banking analysts, the probability of exit
without consent remains weak, but increases, while
Brexit delay probability increases.

Core Resource Sector (+ 1.29%) signed
one of the strongest industry increases due to prices
industrial metals, in particular nickel, which peaked
three months in fear that one of the largest manufacturers
Brazilian Valley, does not reduce its production in
already tense market. Vail said he was willing to donate
production in favor of safety after breaking the dam
who killed at least 84 people in Brazil.
ArcelorMittal added 1.58% and mining groups
British Rio Tinto, BHP and Glencore
took from 1.4% to 2.8%.
Luxury values ​​were also rounded off.
Tuesday night announcements LVMH, whose name was
Awarded 6.87% CAC best performance. The market has
good fashion figures are especially welcome
the world's largest manufacturer of luxury goods in the fourth quarter
despite the slowdown in the Chinese economy and
Yellow Vests movement in France, as well as trust
published in 2019.
In his path competitors Kering and Hermes
added 3.32% and 3.06% respectively.
In addition, the group Atos rose by 6.64%.
after the promulgation of his strategic plan.
According to the Refinitiv I / B / E / S consensus, analysts
significantly lowered their average height estimate
Stoxx 600 companies results, up 3.6% instead of 4.8%
last week about 26 companies published their accounts
600 of Stoxx, 50% of which turned out to be better than expected.

The New York Stock Exchange is nearing the end of Europe,
in anticipation of the Fed and the outcome of trade negotiations.
Apple reassured investors by publishing
quarterly results are slightly better than expected with
steady growth of services while the manufacturer
iPhone downgraded their predictions earlier this month
sales due to slowdown in China.
the title wins 4.67% after falling 32% compared to his
The highest levels reached in early October.
Boeing also maintains rating after overtaking
expectations with the results of the fourth quarter of 2018 all
increasing its forecast for 2019.
Dope Jones dope.
The US market has been sealed in the last two
sessions from fear of the effects of slowing down in
the Chinese economy is on the rise in the world and
United States, as well as company performance.

After retail sales exceed expectations in Japan
The day was celebrated in Europe first
growth score is better than expected in the fourth
quarter in France (+ 0.3%) and inflation in Germany at 1.7%
as expected.
In the United States, the private sector created 213,000 jobs in
January is much higher than expected, according to a survey
monthly ADP.
Promises sale of old houses in the US
fell in December according to the Federation
National Real Estate Agents (NAR) who confirm
market weakness at the end of the year.

The dollar rose slightly against a basket of currencies
link in response to an announcement of more
More important than expected job creation in the private sector
in the month of January. Euro is trading at 1.1425
the dollar fell by about 0.1%.
On Tuesday evening, the pound fell 0.7%
a series of votes for Brexit in the British Parliament,
stabilized against the dollar.
In the spotlight, the Chinese yuan has reached a new high
six months to 6.7265 per dollar (+ 0.3%) on the market
offshore with the resumption of negotiations
Chinese Americans in Washington.

Ten year return of the Treasuries
slightly, about 2.73%, after the retreat the day before
pending a Fed decision.
Variations limited to bond market
where the 10-year-old German has hardly changed at 0.19%.

Oil prices increased their profits after the announcement
less than expected increase in crude oil reserves
US last week. They increased by 919,000
barrels, much less than 3.2 million barrels swelling
expected by average economists.
American light oil rose by 2.44% to 54.61 dollars per barrel
and Brent in the North Sea by 1.86% to $ 62.46 with the support
the opening of new US sanctions aimed at
Oil industry of Venezuela.
Contracts have already taken more than 2% on Tuesday, but not
However, Venezuelan production is already
at the lowest level in almost 70 years and new sanctions
only affects US shipments.

Things to watch on Thursday:
This day will be marked by a series of results from
companies as well as several key indicators including GDP

(Some data may show a slight offset)

Indices Last Var. Var. % Year to date
Eurofirst 300 1406.42 + 4.27 + 0.30% + 5.64%

Eurostoxx 50 3161.74 + 8.32 + 0.26% + 5.34%

CAC 40 4974.76 +46.58 + 0.95% + 5.16%
Dax 30 11181.6 -37.17 -0.33% + 5.90%
FTSE 6941.63 + 107.70 + 1.58% + 3.17%
MIS 8,965.71 + 25.19 + 0.28% + 6.36%

Values ​​to follow in Paris and
in Europe:

Indices Last Var. Var. % Year to date
Dow Jones 24960.7 +380.79 + 1.55% + 7.00%
S & P-500 2667.89 + 27.89 + 1.06% + 6.42%
Nasdaq 7106.20 +77.91 + 1.11% + 7.10%
Nasdaq 100 6726.36 +93.57 + 1.41% + 6.26%

Report on the meeting in the Wall
The outside:
"Day Ahead" - Update on
next session on wall street

Course Veille Var.% YTD
Euro / Dr. 1.1414 1.1430 -0.14% -0.48%
Other / Yen 109.54 109.38 + 0.15% -0.65%
Euro / Yen 125.04 125.04 + 0.00% -0.93%

Dlr / CHF 0.9990 0.9943 + 0.47% + 1.79%
Euro / Swiss franc 1 1404 1 168 + 0.32% + 1.33%

Stg / Dlr 1.3059 1.3066 -0.05% + 2.37%
Index $ 95.8970, 95.8210 + 0.08% -0.29%

Course Watch Var. % Year to date
Gold spot 1310.69 1311.86 -0.09% + 2.18%

Last Spread / Bund option

Future Bund 165.21 +0.13

Bund 10 years 0.19 +0.00

Bund 2 years -0.56 +0.00

OAT 10 years 0.60 +0.00 +40.92

Treasury 10 years 2.73 + 0.02

Treasury 2 years 2.58 + 0.02

Previous Course Var Var.% YTD
US light crude 54.87 53.31 + 1.56 + 2.93% + 19.78%

Brent 62.57 61.32 + 1.25 + 2.04% + 15.55%

(Edited by Veronica Tysona)

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