Saturday , January 23 2021

Moroccan bank pledges to fund solar electrification program in Mali

An information note sent to APA states that the agreement was signed on Tuesday November 12 by MM. Habib Bledou and Suleiman Berthe, respectively, are the Managing Director of Banque Atlantique, a subsidiary of the Banque Centrale Populaire du Maroc, and the General Director of the Mali Renewable Energy Agency (AER).

Through this partnership, this Moroccan bank is investing in a number of projects in Mali to link people to basic social infrastructures, especially in terms of drinking water and reliable, sustainable energy. and environmentally friendly, which facilitates access to the health and education system.

The selection of projects jointly conducted by the two partners allowed Kenyobuga to be identified, a village of about 1,000 souls located 35 km from the city of Segou as the first beneficiary area.

The principle of the program is to cover the basic needs of the population of each of the selected areas, such as electrification of medical centers and primary schools, the installation of solar street lamps for public lighting, the supply of dryers and, finally, the installation of drinking water supply systems.

The Agency for Renewable Energy of Mali (AER), as a technical partner, undertakes to organize missions to identify and raise public awareness of target areas, followed by technical and financial proposals as part of the work, and training activities for local users and technicians.


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