Thursday , November 21 2019
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Master Gim & # 39; s, coach for beginning artists abobo

The special guest of the Minister and Mayor of Abobo Hamed Bakayoko, Master Giems, went to the Abobo Municipal High School, where he donated 5 computers.

On this occasion, the Minister announced the start of a music contest for beginning artists, as well as the upcoming opening of a recording studio with modern equipment for the happiness of artists Abobo.

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The good news is that the lucky winners will have the opportunity to train with the star master Guim.
It is really difficult that the mayor promises his people. At this pace, all aspiring artists can choose to live in the city of Abobo (laughter).

Congratulations to the mayor with the opportunity that he will offer to the young people of his city.

Dylaurette YOUKOU



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