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Macky Sall warns G25 and protects Aïssata Tall Sall

During the press briefing at the headquarters of Bokk Gis-Gis, the leaders of the 25-party group called the refusal of their candidates an “electoral coup” and urged not to recognize the candidate Mackie Sall. Offender's response was short.

On Tuesday, January 29, Tuesday, January 29, at the new headquarters of his campaign headquarters, Maki Sall warned all those who would be tempted to sow violence. “Those who chose the path of violence will be subject to the consequences of the actions they committed,” said President Sall, who welcomed the arrival to the presidential elections in Aisat Tall Sall.

In addition, candidate Benno Bokk Yakaar seems to have confirmed that other failed candidates are on the way. To console them with his desire to accompany him, Mackey Sall said that he had an “inhuman grasp.” “What exists is a conscious choice (because) the main thing is to bring your stone into the building,” he assures, without asking them to accept, applied to all bird names …

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