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Mac Thiès: A Detained Thianthacun Drinks Bleach •

Another attempt to suicide an inmate from the Detention Center and Correctional Institutions of Thiesa (Mac). Alioune Diallo, Sheikh's Guide tried to commit suicide by drinking bleach. He is under surveillance.

The unlimited hunger strike of disciples of Sheikh Betio Thoun, detained by Mack in Tías as part of the double murder of Medinatul Salam, turns into a drama. Alioune Diallo tried to commit suicide yesterday, Tuesday, after drinking bleach. He was placed in the McTees infirmary, where he is under surveillance, until his evacuation. And the detainee is a border guard in the Grand Court, room 4. According to a source contacted by Senego, the detainees warned long ago by knocking on the door of the room so that the guards could evacuate their comrade into trouble into the hospital. Remember that on Tuesday, November 27th, another detainee of Tiantakun, Mamadou Ann, also wanted to end his life. Currently isolated in the infirmary, he would have given up all worries. He will be in critical condition. Hunger strikers require trial. Since last Monday, they went on a hunger strike. During the pretrial detention period from 2016, Tiantakuny was imprisoned in connection with the double murder of Medinatul Salam in Mbur for criminal conspiracy, the taking of a corpse, burial without permission and the absence of a crime report. Their conductor, Sheikh Betio Thoun, was able to get temporary freedom …

File that policy

According to the starving, "this issue has become very political." Thus, watching the diet for more than a week in June, the 9 Thiantacounes decided to play their last cards. After the firm promises of the authorities to hold their trial, they agreed to stop the strike last June. The Minister of Justice, Pr Ismaïla Madior Fall, even announced “the availability of funds for a trial against Thiantacounes”. But since then a lot of water flows under the bridge without any tests. Worse, these detainees in Tiantakun give the impression that “he was fired by the conductor Tiantakunov, who never makes a case of our detention in the house of arrest and correction of Thies”.

More recently, Justice Minister Ismail Madior Pal again announced the trial of Trianacun with the opening of the criminal chamber of the High Court of Mbour. “In this case, Tees should have recognized this. Facts occurred in Mbour, which depended on Tees. In the meantime, I established the Tribunal de Grande de Mbour, which will soon open its criminal chamber. And this case will be triggered, ”he said in a television show Interpella about temporary freedom granted to the leader of Tientsakunov Serin Bettio Thunu, while his followers languished in prison, the Minister of Justice announced that he had other criteria and that often one of the criteria is the level of participation of people.

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