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Jürgen Klopp criticizes the anti-game PSG players!

Paris Saint-Germain fired a spike last night, winning the Parc des Princes against Liverpool on the fifth day of the Champions League (2: 1). However, Reds coach Jürgen Klopp was not very happy when he appeared at a press conference. Theme? The number of fouls is too much (33 of which 20 for the English team) and yellow cards distributed (8 total, 2 for Paris, six for Liverpool).
“The number of breaks in the game tonight because of the players on the floor or complaining … It was insane! Listen, we won twice in fair games in England. But today we would be taken for butchers based on our boxes, for example, “a gloomy look, a German trainer began to develop. He then explained that the SG SG strategy was reasonable in criticizing it.

Klopp goals, including Neymar

“Yes, it was reasonable on the part of PSG and Neymar. There were others, but he especially! Seeing how they fall, we would think that this is something serious, but in fact they stand up as if everything is in order, ”Klopp continued. Then he discovered that, of course, these fouled fouls and these cards had a negative impact on his players, moving forward so that they could better control their nerves.
“In a matter of minutes, it makes sense, we lost our composure and our composure. We were aggressive, but unfortunately not. Being this way never helps you in the world of football. We are even more upset than pleased, and this is not very good. But we still need to know how to deal with these situations. If the referee decides not to punish them, no one discusses them either, ”he concluded. One thing is certain, that Klopp always had it through his throat after the match.

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