Saturday , January 23 2021

Infantilism of lazy opposition! (Mamadou Bamba Ndiaye)

With regard to budgetary tension, it is important to note that in Senegal the opposition is shooting from all sides, otherwise there is no dispute that an African country, not yet an oil company, can cross several areas of budgetary and transitory turmoil – in the pre-election year. Especially because, as explained by the Minister of Finance, Mr. Amadou Ba: "This situation must be caused, in particular, by the choice of our authorities to make 2018 a social year." This brave version of the head of state is characterized by: lightening the burden for households, meeting several demands of trade unions, including low-key teachers and students, increasing the number of beneficiaries of family grants, revalorizing pensions, etc. The most difficult thing in this situation obviously concerns exogenous factors which are reflected in the increase in the price of a barrel and the appreciation of the dollar. Two external factors that are undoubtedly destructive of the highest marks.

What is an African country that currently does not know about budgetary tension, you can ask yourself?

It would be possible to distribute the interrogation at the global level.

"Yellow vests" in France, they do not complain to condemn, in particular, the high cost of living for French households?

In Senegal, we experienced times when we were told that the wages of the month were paid, sometimes by the late El-Haj Gili Mbay, sometimes by the late El-Hajji Ndiouga Kebe … Today we are very far from such budgetary instability, by the grace of Allah, Subhanahu Vata & # 39; ala.

In general, the most serious rating agencies gave good ratings in Senegal, whose economy is among the best in the region. It is only primitive nihilism and intellectual laziness that the opposition restricts us to childish and irrelevant debates.

As for the famous “opinion” of the International Committee on Human Rights in the case of Karim Wade, it suffices to mention the definition of the Committee and its prerogatives, to understand that political agitation artificially supported around this problem is a clear desire to sow confusion and disinformation. “The International Human Rights Committee is the oversight body of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, responsible for the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its Optional Protocols. recommendations of 172 States Parties to the Covenant without coercion, ”say the texts that govern the said Committee. It should also be noted that in Senegal a period of 180 days (6 months) is required in all cases to respond to this opinion, which is not mandatory However, the six-month period returns us in May 2019, after the inauguration of the re-elected or elected president. Follow my eyes … These debates are also not relevant.

As for the demonstration of “sabotage”, which the opposition plans to organize in the near future in Paris, it will open paradoxes that will tell about the lack of maturity (infantilism) of the opposition. She sometimes condemns cooperation with France, but does not hesitate to complain to the French embassy to demand a file, which she turns away after it has been posted online! How can you claim the right to rule Senegal and go to foreign lands with the sole purpose of extinguishing the image of your country?

If our opponents to white glue, nostalgia in the streets of Paris, they are free there, but by grace, that they understand this pure patriotism, do not allow them to denounce their homeland equally. abroad. We have never seen here, in Senegal, parades of French opponents on our streets in order to thwart the policies defined and executed by the authorities of our country.

Our opposition will benefit from being more interested in the real interests of the people, instead of focusing on “access to power at any cost”.

Mamadou Bamba Ndiaye

Former Minister of Religious Affairs

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