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In Abobo at the invitation of Mayor Hamed Bakayoko: Master Gims promises his help to an artist from the city and announces the creation of a studio

In Abidjan, a few days ago, Ivorians were able to detect this during a party organized by the State Minister, Defense Minister Hamed Bakayoko, and then at the birthday party of DJ Arafat, Master Gims led a visit to the municipality of Abobo in his diary. In this commune, where he went in the evening on Tuesday, January 29, in the company of the chief magistrate, master Gims promised to help the resident artist, not without announcing the creation of a recording studio for the commune's talents. ,

On Tuesday, Master Gimsa received a very warm welcome from the people of Abobo. In the municipal high school of the city, where he went in the afternoon with the mayor Hamed Bakayoko, the rapper was met with triumph before meeting with the artists Abobo. “Students of the Abobo Municipal High School today received a visit from Master Gims. It was a pleasant moment of communication and exchange between the star and her young fans. Abobo artists are in the center of attention this afternoon during this meeting with Master Gims in the presence of Mayor Hamed Bakayoko ”welcomed the first magistrate of the commune.

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Revealing the reasons for his presence in the city, master Jim announced that, under the leadership of the mayor, he decided to turn to the artist so that he could also succeed. “I was presented with a project for sponsoring a young artist from here after the competition. I found it interesting. I will support the winner of this competition. They helped me in my career, so now it's my turn to reach out, ”he said, adding that the goal is to bring talents out of the area.”

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Altruist Maitre Gims also announced the creation of a free recording studio in Abobo, to enable all the artists of the city to live their passion. “The project of creating a recording studio is very serious here. It is a very good idea to create a recording studio here in Abobo. In this studio, it should be free for the poorest artists, and great artists will have to pay, ”he said.

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For Mayor Abobo, the presence of Mayor Gims in the commune should allow young people to be inspired by the model of success. “I invited Master Gims to inspire you. He is very proud because it is the success of the young man who fought. I wanted him to bring you his energy, his aura, so that you also succeed for Abobo, ”said Mayor Hamed Bakayoko.

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