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French government will launch 5G auction

PARIS, January 31 (Reuters). The government will announce tenders for 5G frequencies in France in the autumn, which will be launched in early 2020. interview published on Thursday by Le Figaro.

“The government will set the political framework in the spring. Arcep will set specifications that will be approved in the fall. Then the auction will begin on the distribution of funds from the beginning of 2020, ”she said.

She adds that the pace of deployment can be fast with certain uses, relying on antennas already installed and ready for the new generation of mobile phones, and that negotiations between operators, manufacturers and the government continue as an economic analysis on the issue of reserve prices.

Responding to a question about the impact on the speed of deployment of the 5G amendment to the Covenant Act, which requires obtaining permission before selling new network equipment, Agnes Pannier-Runascher responded that legislation should evolve with the new standard.

“5G, which is a critical technology, will change the structure of these networks. We must arm ourselves with legislation adapted to technological change and use in order to ensure national sovereignty and security, ”she said.

He added that the amendment was not directed, in particular, to the Chinese equipment manufacturer Huawei Technologies, which is currently at the center of espionage charges. "There is no such thing as this. At the same time, we need to understand the need for vigilance with regard to critical equipment and recognize the quality of Huawei equipment," said the Secretary of State. (Gilles Guillaume, edited by Bertrand Boucy)

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