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Football leaks. Chechnya, Monaco, dubious contract: "business" of Paulo Tavares, an agent who looks after the VAFC

This is not exactly what is called a shadow man. car Paulo Tavares – who is also called Paul – loves the light very much. This is from the television trays of the network Equipe, where this 55-year-old Portuguese intermediary regularly intervenes as a consultant. What today represents as one of two public figures of the club buyout project Valenciennes Swiss company III Sport Investas well asEric Besson,

A former minister, a fan of the round ball, called him his future "consultant"if he comes to the land of the new Morocco: the presidency of the VAFC. "His experience and international networks will be valuable.".

For the tandem the hour of truth is approaching, because it is on this Thursday that the deadline for the sale of the club to the north expires. Will it be done? Nothing is less certain, like the relationship between buyer and seller, Eddie ZdziehThe current president and majority shareholder have deteriorated in recent weeks, and each side has gone from its release to point out the shortcomings of the other.

"Valenciennes project is a challenge, I want to go“On Tuesday, we trusted Paulo Tavares in a telephone interview he gave us. With the Mediapart and the regional investigation center Mediacities, France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais was eager to learn more about this free man, willingly charming, with a direct style and the flow of machine guns, we were able to access Football leaksthese millions of confidential data obtained by the German magazine Der spiegel and analyzed by its EIC partners (European Cooperation on Investigation, see box). They bring us light on the actions and methods of this "sports advisor "as he calls himself that took several years in monaca sphere,


But before developing these discoveries, it is necessary to take a small step backwards on the path of Paulo Tavares. 8 years ago the Portuguese intermediary understood very big media movewhich he is still very proud his company Gestisoccerhe transferred to the Chechen Republic Areopagusold football glory for a friendly match with the glory of a local ruler, controversial Ramzan Kadyrov, It is regularly condemned by human rights organizations for the cruel and authoritarian governance of this federal state of the Caucasus for Russia.

So, May 11, 2011World Stars Diego Maradona, Luis Figo, Jean-Pierre Papin, Antonio Baresi, Ivan Zamorano or Fabien Barthez came to open a new stadium of the Chechen capital, Groznyfaced with a team of graduates from the Terek, a local club led by Kadyrov himself, wearing shorts and a t-shirt … images of this propaganda raid, luxury watches offered to players (including Alain Bogossian) At the time, assistant coach of France) the amount of some fees will make a scandal.

Maradona Wet T-shirt in Chechnya
Broadcast report from May 14, 2011 from BFM TV

"To bring four gold balls and seventeen high-class internationals to this country in ten days is an exceptional feat."prefers self-praise Tavares today. The mediator did not rise to this blow alone." Swiss-based Chechen businessman Bulat Chagaev, met 6 months earlier in Geneva. "Crazy but good guy“According to the Portuguese, Chagaev is the vice-president of Terek Grozny, and at the time he had a good time with Ramzan Kadyrov.We agree that my company organizes a match against 2 million euros"Paulo Tavares explains in January 2012 to a Swiss newspaper Morning,

When this famous friendly match is played, these two are already on another beat: Renewal of the Swiss club Neuchatel Xamax, Bulat Chagaev became the majority shareholder on April 30, 2011. And he trusts Tavares with recruitment. "I accept and sell our services for 800,000 euros in the hope of receiving 600,000 euros, but Bulat offers us 1 million"He explains morning,
Paulo Tavares brings the Brazilian Sony anderson as a coach but adventure turns into a disaster in record time,

Bulat Chagaev at the stadium Neuchatel Xamax in October 2011. / © MaxPPP
Bulat Chagaev at the stadium Neuchatel Xamax in October 2011. / © MaxPPP

Suddenly falling into shame in Chechnya, Chagaev finds himself without funding. His fancy management and authoritarian club do not help (he turns the whole staff and the threats of the players). January 26, 2012, Xamax Neuchâtel officially went bankruptCharged with improper and unfair management, misappropriation of tax at the source, attempted fraud and fake titles, the Chechen businessman will be sentenced to three years in prison in 2016 and appeal in 2017 (the last decision, however, was reversed by the Federal Court). "I've never been paid“Says Paulo Tavares, who says that he no longer communicates with Bulat Chagaev.

Unites with Monaco around Marcel Tisserana

The bankruptcy of Neuchâtel Xamax does not seem to spoil the reputation of the Portuguese. Documents "Leaks football" show us that in the spring of 2013 he has the ear of Vadim VasilyevRussian Vice PresidentHOW MONACO, Tavares then tries to bring on the rock young left side LOSC, Lucas Dingwhich will eventually be transferred to Paris Saint-Germain. "Vadim did not want to put another million and line up in a queue. I told him that Paris will do it for 12 million. And I think from that moment on he understood that everything I told him about the files was true.", analyzes broker today.

In Monaco, Paulo Tavares turns out to be participates in amazing circuitsThey concern Marcel TisseranYoung Franco-Congolese club back. November 13, 2013sports agent Laurent Schmitt, receives a warrant from ASM to begin negotiations on the extension of his contract. He is expected to receive a commission of 7% of the additional remuneration received by the player in relation to his initial salary.

Marcel Tisserand in 2013 under the banner of AS Monaco. / © MaxPPP
Marcel Tisserand in 2013 under the banner of AS Monaco. / © MaxPPP

However, these are two other brokers who do not have a license agent with the French Football Federation (FFF), Samir Hellafi and Paulo Tavareswho email proposal to extend the contract Vadim Vasilyev, December 7, 2013This offer includes agency commission 10% but also "exceptional renewal bonus" from 350 000 €, "Gestisoccer billing"on behalf of the Portuguese company Tavares.

December 18, 2013, Sports Advisor AS Monaco, Luis Camposhands over his counter offer to Vadim Vasilyev, where he confirms the payment of this "exceptional renewal bonus"For the company Gestisoccer, but returned 300,000 eurosThus, Marcel Tisseran returns to the club of the principality until June 2018.

The document was handed to Vadim Vasilyev by Luis Kampos. / © EIC
The document was handed to Vadim Vasilyev by Luis Kampos. / © EIC

But there is a legal obstacle. Order dated March 15, 2012 concerning "methods for calculating the amount of sports agent remuneration“Explains that in the case of renewal of the contract is a reward”may not exceed 10% of the difference between the gross remuneration stipulated by the driver in the employment contract and the gross remuneration that was to be paid in accordance with the previously drawn up contract.".

The amendment to the mandate agreement of November 13 indicates that 79,800 euros will be paid to Laurent Schmitt, the official agent to extend the contract of Marcel Tisseran. This corresponds to 7% of the additional remuneration received by the young defender. Nothing abnormal until then. On the other hand, a € 300,000 bonus paid by Gestisoccer violates the legal limit of 10% : they represent a little more than 26% additional compensation obtained by Tisserand, knowing that it was Tavares company that invoices for services in Monaco … Laurent Schmitt.

"I don't know about this commission you mention."Laurent Schmitt wrote to us."I know Mr. Tavares, a Portuguese intermediary, as well as many other foreign repeaters, even if I haven’t heard about him for a long time, because he positioned himself in another sector that is “club takeover”. ” In 2013, I met with Mr. Tiserand and his brother, Mr. H. Tanda, through Mr. Tavares. Subsequently, I held talks at the request of Mr. Thisser and on his extension of the contract with ASM, for which I received a commission. Mr. Tavares cooperated a lot with ASM at this time, it may be an agreement between them, but I repeat, I do not know about it, and this does not concern me."

Questionable contract

To circumvent the 10% rule, the club will actually mask this prize, negotiated by Paulo Tavares and his bosom friend Samir Hellafi in "service contract“To avoid control of the Professional Football League (LFP).” So Gestisoccer will sign mandate fromintelligence service"with AS Monaco for "identify players in Portugal and in the championships of Western EuropeThe amount of the deal: 300,000 euros, The amount that exactly corresponds to the Gestisoccer award for his intervention in the Tisserand file.

Extract from the service contract awarded to AS Monaco with Gestisoccer. / © EIC
Extract from the service contract awarded to AS Monaco with Gestisoccer. / © EIC

But not everyone in the club likes this trick. From December 18 Daniel Beek, AS Monaco Legal Directoris written Luis Campos about the extension of this season: "Louis, can you explain to me what is meant by "Gestisoccer Billing"? " , In a month January 22, 2014Vadim Vasilyev is directly touched by the multiplication of such contracts of convenience. "As you know, the rule imposes a maximum of 10% on the player’s contract or transfer amount. Since the last transfer window in the summer, many private contracts were concluded with several agents, since their commissions exceeded 10%. According to these agreements, they must look for players, teams, sponsors around the world. (…). It would be better if we used as little as possible; because the more we have, the harder it will be to justify them",

Danielle bik then goes six contracts that are problematic (some of them were already mentioned in November by the Mediapart in a pollquestionable contracts AS Monaco"): one of them concerns the € 300,000 bonus paid to Gestisoccer for his intervention in extending the contract of Marcel Tisserand disguised as a mandate for"identify players from Portugal and in the championships of Western Europe " (the other five are for other agents and other transactions).

Luis Kampos and Vadim Vasiliev in August 2015. / © MaxPPP
Luis Kampos and Vadim Vasiliev in August 2015. / © MaxPPP

AS Monaco executives did not respond to our requestsNeither Luis Campos, nor now Gerard Lopez's adviser on recruitment at LOSC. In November, the Principality Club justified itself in this way with the Mediapart: "As for exploration contracts, your suspicions in this regard are completely groundless. These are service contracts that are registered on the club accounts. These contracts were concluded mainly in the first months of the reopening of the club, when the scout department was not sufficiently structured. Today, these contracts are used in special cases where the club needs specific know-how".

Paulo Tavares follows an identical line of defense. Despite our elements, he firmly believes that"there was no report" between this intelligence contract and the Tisserand extension. "I had intelligence in Rennes and other clubs in France"For him, this contract was not fictitious and brought real and concrete benefits."The arrival of Jardim and other tips that I gave about the players"He leads by example."For 300,000 points I am told that I am overstating, but if it was necessary to estimate how much Monaco owes me, but that’s 3 million euros, 4 million …“Portuguese intermediary says.

Leonardo Jardim

Paulo Tavares is indeed more and more active at the time on the Rock. In particular, it offers Paul Nardiyoung goalkeeper Nancy, whom the club will sign. His company, Gestisoccer, is also authorized to sell – this time without success – Emmanuel Rivière in west bromwich in england and Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco in gypsies in italy. In the spring of 2014, this is Tavares who is negotiating the arrival in Monaco of his compatriot Leonardo JardimThe then coach of the Sporting in Lisbon. He discusses live with Vadim Vasilyev the details of the future contract, the signature bonus …

The mediator then collaborates with another Portuguese agent Nelson Pinto AlmeidaBut none of them has the license or permission of FFF, imposed by French law (which is covered by AS Monaco) for operations in the national territory. Tavares and Almeida are going to get close with agent Lionet, Francois Eritie, the owner of his precious official sesame. "When we do Jardim in Monaco, Nelson Almeida has no right to represent him in France", recalls Tavares.I accept Eiterter as a representative for French invoicing. I don't really know him, I met him three or four times. I say to him: here you are",

Leonardo Zhardim together with Vadim Vasilyev upon arrival in Monaco. / © MaxPPP
Leonardo Zhardim together with Vadim Vasilyev upon arrival in Monaco. / © MaxPPP

Francois Eritie did not want to answer our questionsNelson Almeida confirms this version:Mr. Tavares really intervened in the arrival of Leonardo Jardim in Monaco, on the understanding that he was authorized by this club, which was looking for a coach. At that time I was an agent of Leonardo Jardim, so we met. Mr. Eritheer existed in this case because he is licensed by a French sports agent".

"There are hypotheses when foreign agents want to conclude a contract with a player or a French club.“He deciphers me, Redouane Mahrach, a lawyer at the Paris Bar Association, a sports law specialist.”They have the opportunity to go through the presentation agreement of the French agent."Nelson Almeida Agency, InternationalFoot Ldain the face of Francois Eritie will be paid up to 10% of gross remuneration received by Jardim. This is 280,400 euros for the first two years of the contract, plus 103,000 euros if the contract with the coach is renewed.

Adam traore

June 1, 2015, AS Monaco gives Francois Eryte a new mandate, this time asrepresenting the company Gestisoccer"Paulo Tavares Mission: find"midfielder over 18 and under 22".

Amendment to the agreement on issuing a permission to search a player between the Gestisoccer and AS
Monaco. / © EIC
Amendment to the agreement on issuing a permission to search a player between the Gestisoccer and AS
Monaco. / © EIC

This agreement is specified by transfer to the principality. Young Malian Hope for LOSC, Adam Traorein July 2015. And it's good that Tavares plays the middleman between Jean-Michel Vandamm, deputy director general of the northern club, and Vadim VasilyevVice President AS Monaco. "Francois Erythe accompanied me, but I negotiated"confirms Paulo Tavares.

Adam Traore during his presentation in Monaco in July 2015. / © MaxPPP
Adam Traore during his presentation in Monaco in July 2015. / © MaxPPP

"Lille yesterday still stuck at 15 (millions of NDRs), (…), but the player to whom I returned my head to my surroundings (difficult), but I arrived that the destination of Adam, the priority – Monacowhether he informs Vasilyev by e-mail from July 2, 2015, "Obviously, convincing my president was not easy. (while Michel Seidou NDR). However, Monaco is a club that we value as much as the work you do."writes Jean-Michel Vandamm to Tavares July 7,

Two clubs finally agreed on transaction worth 12 million eurosThe commission of5% minus the net amount of the final transfer compensation paid by Lille OSC, i.e. 600,000 euros excluding taxes"Paid to the company Paulo Tavares, Gestisoccer, represented by Francois Eritie.

"I fought for Adam Traore, galley, galley"insists Paulo Tavares.Attention, we still overpaid, because he made us climb onto Seydou's coconut tree, thereA year later, he will again play intermediaries between Monaco and LOSC for the transfer, this time, of the side defender Djibril Sidibe,

"I am not a philanthropist"

In recent years, Paulo Tavares seems no longer in court in Monaco. He also quarreled with Nelson Almeida.Portuguese agent with whom he joined the parish of Jardim. "I inform you that I have stopped working with Paul Tavares, he cannot speak on my behalf, nor does he represent the players who work with me, as was the case with Xeka. (Portuguese midfielder LOSC at the time in Braga NDR)contractor player", Almeida wrote to Vadim Vasilyev on November 23, 2016.

"At that time, I still had the right to represent Xeka, because we were collaborating“According to Paulo Tavares, who accuses a Portuguese agent of owing him money on unpaid commissions.”I have a lawyer who filed a complaint in Porto"says Tavares." Che has a lot of imagination"answered Almeida, staying close to Luis Campos now in Lille."Я не буду более подробно останавливаться на этом вопросе, поскольку этот джентльмен не заслуживает моего рассмотрения."

Сегодня Пауло Таварес поставил новые цели, особенно если Валансьен приобретен III Sport Invest, компания, которую он утверждает, что не является акционером. "Моя работа состоит в том, чтобы консультировать президента, советовать стратегию, поскольку я мог консультировать других людей по именам, по приобретениям, но после того, как каждый выполняет свою работу"он объясняет."Если завтра Эрик Бессон или Себастьен Лерьен или Патрик Лаббе (представители III Спорт Инвест НДР) хочу сделать противоположное тому, что я им говорю, это их проблема. В спорте, с Valenciennes, у меня есть контракт, где мне будут платить за мой совет, Я хотел бы иметь оплаченный контракт на добавленную стоимость ударов, которые они сделают со мной. Не во 2-й Лиге, но если они поднимутся в 1-й. "

Эрик Бессон в Валансьене в августе 2014 года. / © MaxPPP
Эрик Бессон в Валансьене в августе 2014 года. / © MaxPPP

"Я не филантроп, я здесь, чтобы заработать деньги. Я здесь, чтобы работать и консультировать", добавляет Таварес, который говорит, что он активировал свои сети, чтобы позволить отъезд недавнего нападающего Valenciennes Слоан Приват в турецкий клуб Osmanlispor, чтобы помочь облегчить расчет заработной платы клуба на север. "У меня там есть друг, я говорю ему: «Нечего зарабатывать, возьми деньги, которые ты хочешь в Турции, избавься от этого Приват» »говорит он. "Я сказал Эдди Здзеху (президент VAFC NDR) «Отпусти, это хороший ход, он сэкономит 320 000 шаров за пять месяцев». Я не коснулся ни цента."

По этому вопросу ни Эдди Здзих, ни юрист клуба Me Laurent Cotret не пожелали подтвердить или опровергнуть вмешательство Пауло Тавареса в этот файл. Также спросил о риске конфликта интересов между посреднической деятельностью португальца и его возможной роли советника в Валансьене, Эрик Бессон тоже не ответил нам,

После первого сезона в 2016 году пятнадцать европейских газет, сгруппированных в медиа-сети European Investigative Collaborations (EIC), показали, что по состоянию на пятницу, 2 ноября 2018 года, второй сезон «Футбольных утечек» – самый большой скачок в истории футбола. журналистика.

Более 70 миллионов документов, полученных Der Spiegelили 3,4 терабайта данных за восемь месяцев проанализировали почти 80 журналистов, дизайнеров и компьютерных ученых. Коррупция, мошенничество, допинг, трансферы, агенты, уклонение от уплаты налогов, эксплуатация несовершеннолетних, покупка спичек, политическое влияние: «Футбол» по-новому отображает черное лицо футбола. Эти откровения, представляющие общественный интерес, основаны на подлинных документах и ​​многочисленных свидетельствах. Помимо Mediapart, медиа-участники проекта Der Spiegel (Германия) Expresso (Португалия) L'Espresso (Италия) Le Soir (Бельгия), NRC Handelsblad (Нидерланды) Черное море / RCIJ (Румыния), Politiken (Дания), Nacional (Хорватия) Tages Anzeiger / Tribune de Genève (Швейцария) Reuters (United Kingdom) От стандарта (Бельгия), В.Г. (Норвегия), First Lines / France 2 (Франция) и NDR Television (Германия).

Что касается первого сезона футбольных утечек, Mediapart решила поделиться документами с France 3 Nord-Pas-de-Calais и Mediacities. Мы также собрали элементы и неопубликованные отзывы, которые не появляются в Football Leaks.

Информатор Руи Пинто, основной источник информации о футболе, был арестован в середине января в Венгрии и борется за то, чтобы избежать экстрадиции в Португалию, его страну, которая подозревает его в краже данных и «попытке вымогательства». ". Руи Пинто работал с французским национальным финансовым обвинителем (PNF) до его ареста.

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