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Egyptian wrestlers dream of American shows

Ismail (Egypt). In the ring, dark and disguised wrestlers rate themselves before a fight organized in an Egyptian schoolyard, where these lovers challenged themselves to become stars of the “American-style” show. ,

Inspired by the enthusiasm of an audience of all ages "Malek El-Leil"(King of the night, in Arabic), with eyes strongly colored black,tigerdraped in a raincoat with a pattern of leopard, exchange their warlike looks.

Against the background of rock music and under the influence of light, they proceed to body-body, which borrows as much from wrestling as the exciting choreography.

Not far from there a hidden face, Samir Ibrahim or "ninja“Dressed in black from head to toe, waiting for his turn.

"Three months after I entered the university, I met people who told me: + You're on TV, we know you, you + ninja who fights +“, A 22-year-old student proudly tells.

Mohamed Momen, nicknamed "commando"He speaks"follow the American struggle with small".

Many popular cathedral cafes broadcast television programs about these competitions that take place abroad, especially in the United States, and children admire such powerful American stars as John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Triple H or Batista.

"My favorite is Ray Mysterio, because of his light string movements and his way of fighting in the ring, Says Commando, referring to the famous American fighter of Mexican descent.

– Canceled show –

But in this small village not far from Ismailia, on the Suez Canal, there is not enough funds for this type of performance, while the authorities provide overcrowding.

The joy of almost a thousand spectators turns out to be short-lived: after 10 minutes, enthusiastic young people get up and approach the ring, too close to the taste of security, which immediately ends the show. great damn organizers.

"We did not justify it", Recognized by the crowd, microphone, one of these organizers, Ahmed Abdullah."We hoped to present something new in the village of Abu Sultan– he continues.

Nicknamed Kabong, the initiator of the group of fighters, a giant of almost two meters, burst into tears, watching the crowd leave the stage, and the lights go out one by one.

"If there was money, we could give all the places and hire an organizational companyHe regrets.

"Yes, nobody succeeds here., In Egypt, a wrestler whispers, tired.

Married and father, Kabong, his real name Ashraf Mahrish, 37 years old, founded in 2012 the Egyptian Professional Wrestling Federation (EWR), an informal group of eight wrestlers, including two girls who dream of fame American professionals. The group now has about 50 fans from all over the country.

For training, he created a rudimentary ring in front of a family house in a nearby village. Wrestlers practice in the middle of the fields and small red brick buildings are being built.

– No sponsors –

Kabonga, who had been preparing for Ismaïlia’s show competition for several months, returns to the origin of her passion.

"The idea of ​​fighting was born on the bed with my brother, when we started doing wrestling moveshe explained, resulting in three broken beds.My mother slept on the floorSays Kabong, who, on occasion, slipped with his imposing figure in a tie.

And since global stars are gaining success from their performances, participating in films and commercials, Egyptian fighters are just starting to share their word on their Facebook page, and then about 40,000 people.

"I always hoped that there was a professional wrestling federation in Egypt", trusts Mohamed"lumberjack, 27, entered the arena with an ax.

"I will not give up my dream"He says.

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