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Delta: traditional agriculture under threat of climate change (Pr Thiaré)

St. Louis, November 28 (APS). Climate change poses a threat to the “productive potential of traditional agriculture” practiced in the delta of the Senegal River, warned Wednesday the rector of the University of Gaston Berger (UGB) of St. Louis, Professor Usmane Tiara.

In this “type of traditional agriculture, very little mechanized or irrigated, any variation of rainfall can put the whole range of crops at risk,” he warned.

“Floods, droughts and heat waves cause crop losses that affect food security,” he said.

He spoke at the launch of the Innovatsa platform of the project Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation in the Agricultural Systems of Small Producers of the Senegal River Delta (ACSA).

According to the rector of the UGB, the main research participants in the field of agronomy, public organizations and technical partners gathered around this project will talk about the problem of adapting women farmers in the valley of the Senegal River to the effects of climate change.

Professor Tiare welcomed the commitment of the URR agro (study group) UGB, which is implementing this project. He also appreciated the participation of research teachers accompanied by this project.

He noted that this should make it possible to find strategies for adapting to climate change for the benefit of women’s groups in seven project-oriented communities.

ACSA Coordinator, Professor Seydou Noru Sall, recalled that this project aims to create active dynamics between agricultural development actors, producers, traders and decision makers for a “joint decision on climate change”.

The project, he said, is aimed at women's groups engaged in agriculture, from the settlements of Diama, Ross-Betty, Gandiae, Diambal, Mbaundum, Potu and Gandiole in the delta.

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