Monday , January 25 2021

Civil society chooses mediation

Civil society refuses to escalate. And she hopes that the government will reconsider his decision to withdraw from the French-speaking Enda Lead Afrique francophone, which allowed him to carry out his activities in Senegal.

It is reported that a non-governmental organization is guilty, according to the Ministry of the Interior, to finance Y, they are fed up with, while the movement is not recognized as a public utility.

“Good wishes have been resolved to mediate,” said Fadel Barro, coordinator of Y, who was tired of it at a press conference held on Wednesday, which brought together many civil society organizations. According to him, it is a matter of discussing with government agencies that Minister Ali Nguil Ndiaye should return to his decision.

Currently, Barro insists, it is about “giving time to this mediation to see all the ins and outs”.

And if this mediation fails, civil society organizations promise to notify.

Meanwhile, Fadel Barro and Co. condemn the decision, which is not intended, Y are fed up, but "the whole civil society". “Thanks to this rejection of the approval of the French-speaking Enda Lead Afrique, the Senegalese civilian space is being reduced,” says the leader of the civil movement. Who swears that Enda Lead does not finance them.

He says: “The Ong Enda Lead Francophone Africa does not finance. I'm fed up. She is a technical partner of Y, who is tired. She also manages Y accounting and works well in all her projects. ”

According to Fadel Barro, the funding mentioned by the Minister of the Interior in the decree on withdrawal of approval concerns “programs that relate to 2013 and 2014”. “Within six months, I swear that“ Y is a marine painter, ”if he (the minister) was looking for (he would understand), there was no foundation of French-speaking countries with leading Africa that came to make me tired.

The reality, according to Fadel Barro, is that "for some time the state of Senegal has been trying to reduce the means of acting Y. And, without having a direct relationship with him, he is looking for arguments."

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2 Enda Lead Africa: civil society lags behind

3 Enda Lead Africa: civil society lags behind

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