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Brasil-GPA (Casino) has a stake in Via Varejo

Sao Paulo, June 15 (Reuters) – Group Po de Acar (GPA)
Brazilian controlled food distributor
French casino, has control over the distributor
home appliance Via Varejo businessman
local michael klein and his family for less than
initial estimates we learned from three unofficial sources
modality operation friday.

GPA has its 36% stake in the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange
group of funds and investment funds owned
klein family

Two sources close to the dossier reported that Michael Klein
purchased some of these securities for a smaller amount
that 500 million reais was originally planned. His family
Michael Klein already owns 25.4% of Via Varejo.
The first shareholder of Via Varejo with almost 30% added
sources who requested anonymity.

The remaining share sold by the GPA was acquired
a group of mutual funds on the recommendation of XP Investments. GPA has
in the document the stock market that all of it
participation was 2.3 billion reais (525
million euros), 4.90 reais per share.

The promotion Via Varejo ended the session 4.97 reais, down

GPA, number two distributor in Brazil and looking for
reorient to supermarkets, put up for sale through
Vareho, deficit, in 2016.

(Tatiana Bautzer and Carolina Mandl, Mark Angrand for
French service)

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