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Beautiful and rebellious Kazamans! (Jean-Marie Francois BYAGI)

The problem posed by Mustafa Cisse Lo, besides the fact that he gives himself up for the problem, especially when he thinks that “supporters of Casamance Usman Sonko are insurgents” is not so much a trap (an insult to some) that he treats him so insidiously that the fact that it deprives the "Kazamans rebels" of the right to engage in politics in Senegal or just to try it.

Now, Cisse Lo, here, with his protective body, is only a tiny part, leaving the system.

In fact, he will avoid anyone, because – precisely! for sure! – we ourselves are branded with the “Kazamans uprising”, according to which the government denies us the right to political existence in Senegal and legally represent us in the form of a political party.

Better or worse, with his statement, Cisse Law essentially assumes that all Casamance are independent.

Because in Casamance, who is independent and who is not? And therefore, who is rebellious, and who is not, in Casamance?

Never mind, we have to take Cisse Lo's annoyance for being a burning reminder, timely for a coup, to know or remember where we are.

Yes! Where are we in Senegal, we are Casamançais?

Dakar, January 29, 2019.

Jean-Marie Francois BYAGI
President of the Socialist Federal Party (PSF)

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