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back to Neymar's wounds

The end of the season or two months away. The two scenarios envisioned by Paris Saint-Germain regarding Neymar are not encouraging. Less than a year after the first Brazilian fracture, concluded on February 25, 2018 against OM, he returned to the flank for a long time. Who also has questions about the Brazilian physique and possible fragility. One thing is certain, he will miss a pack of games with PSG. Already this season, he appeared 23 times on the field, a total of 31 matches played by the club of the capital. Eight passes, between injuries and forced rest, were identified by Thomas Tuchel. A week in November and almost a month in December is the absence of Neymar this season.

During the 2017-2018 fiscal year, he played a total of 30 games in all competitions (out of 57 games played by PSG). In total, since his arrival in Paris, he played 53 matches out of 88 possible, or 57.5% of matches. What about FC Barcelona? In Catalonia, he was rescued from serious injuries, but he rarely spent the full season, even in his best year in 2015-2016, with 34 matches in the league and 24 goals. In that season, he played 49 games out of 62 possible. His best result – 50 games out of 60 (in the season 2014-2015).

Periodic absences also in Barcelona

In 2013-2014, during his first year at Barça, he played 41 games out of 59. He was particularly inaccessible for one month due to an injury to his right ankle (absent from January 17 to February 15) and another month (missing from April 17 to May 17), again after an ankle injury. The month of December is often a harbinger of injuries to the Brazilian, who missed the matches at this time in 2014, 2015 and, therefore, 2018. In Bars, he will also be on the flank due to injuries to the adductors, but also because … 2015-2016.

Historically, Neymar has rarely been able to reach the full season. This is evident because of his style of play, which generates errors, but also because of special supports that require above-average flexibility. All this PSG knew about this at the time of the payment of 222 million Euro. Just as he knew that Neymar’s presence on earth made his chances of victory stronger. Only in Ligue 1 the difference is significant: 91% of victories with him, versus 68% without him. In the Champions League, he was present at the defeat in the first match against Real Madrid last season in round 16 and was absent on his return. Paris will have to do without Manchester United in both games.

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