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AMN defeat against Toulouse (18-24): in Clermont-Ferrand a big disappointment of supporters

Several thousand AMN supporters met on Zhod Square in Clermont-Ferrand to, as they hoped, write a new page in the history of the club. There will be no third Brenna shield this year. Toulouse managed to win 24-18 on Stade de France. For this match between the two best teams in the championship, success was on the side of red and black, which materialized only two trials of the match. Until the last moment, the fans were pushing their team … in vain. Toulouse were the best. The faces could read the disappointment of thousands of people gathered at the Jod site for this great rugby festival. This year it will not double for ASM, who still won the Challenge Cup. A small consolation for a team with an exemplary career this season in the league. Although some wanted to celebrate the season of XV Overniata, many supporters left the Jod site without delay in order to quickly forget about the bitter taste of defeat.

DIRECT VIDEO. Live on Zhod Square in the finals of Top 14

10:32 pm

After a successful penalty Ramos (15-24), penalty Lopez (18/24). Toulouse is leading and will remain so until the end of the match.

10:19 pm

New successful penalty from Laydlow: 15-21. Toulouse is always ahead.

10:13 pm

The second work of Johan Huget, transformed by Ramos. Toulouse 21-AFM 12.

Final Top 14: the second attempt of Yoann Huget (Toulouse)

10:08 pm

Successful fine for ASM. ASM 12 / Toulouse 14.

10:05 pm

New Ramos penalty. Toulouse leads from 14 to 9.

During the break, Toulouse leads 11 to 9. ASM supporters continue to smile. The match is far from over.

9:32 pm

Successful fine laydlow. ASM gets closer to Toulouse, which is still leading 11-9.

The Yellow Army is smiling again.

9:23 pm

The first attempt to match. The Tulusen stadium leads 11 to 6. The faces of the Auvergne fans close.

Final Top 14: Johan Huget's test (Stade Tulusine)

9:10 pm

Ramos on Stade Tulusuin equalizes. 6-6

9:07 pm

After the equalizer, ASM takes over with a new penalty from Laidlow. ASM leads 6 to 3.

8:45 pm

Alea Jacta is! It was for the game of the year for both ASM and Stade Toulousain.

ASM opens an account with a penalty from Laidlaw (3.0). Fans are happy.

8:35 pm

More than 10 minutes to wait before the match. Giant applause from supporters to get in the mood!

8:00 pm
After 45 minutes the match will begin. AFM supporters – it's me!

7:45 pm

At one hour since the start of the ASM-Toulouse final, fans are on the spot!

7:30 pm

“Whoever doesn’t jump is not Auvergne!”: When supporters of ASM Clermont Auvergne show enthusiasm, that’s enough to wake Auvergne’s volcanoes!

7:00 pm

Less than 2 hours before the start of the final were the first ASM supporters. The vibrations are sent to the XV Auvergne, which is preparing to meet with the Stade Toulusein at the Stade de France.

6:30 pm

Jode Square continues to fill up.

6:15 pm
At the rally of the Yellow Army in Zhode Square, where there are more fans.

6:00 pm

Supporters are becoming increasingly hot in the square in Zhode, Clermont-Ferrand.

The Yellow Army mobilized its troops in Auvergne in a festive atmosphere.

5:30 pm

More and more atmosphere at the site of Jode, in Clermont-Ferrand. Fans cast their votes in anticipation of the start of the match between ASM and Toulouse.

Despite the rain, the most motivated fans were present in front of a giant screen … from 10 o'clock on Saturday.

From 10 am, the first supporters of ASM were installed at the foot of a giant screen installed in the Zhod, Clermont-Ferrand Square. / © K.Tyr / France 3 Auvergne
From 10 am, the first supporters of ASM were installed at the foot of a giant screen installed in the Zhod, Clermont-Ferrand Square. / © K.Tyr / France 3 Auvergne

For them, there is no way to lose the crumb of that day, which they are hoping for a double-key story for ASM. For them, no doubt the third shield for today!
Under the cloudy sky a lot of yellow and blue in the center of the capital Auvergne. In the middle of the yellow army we sometimes meet unicorns. In the days of the finale, everything is possible in Clermont-Ferrand.

And when yellow and blue meet with red and black, the rugby spirit always wins.

After the Challenge Cup, fans rely on their champions to win third place in club history.

Fan zone: controlled access from 5 pm
Jaude is installed in the fan zone, a giant screen of 100m2 was located on the side of the Desaix statue. Fans will be able to follow the finals of the top 14.

Secure access to the Place de Jaude, Saturday, June 15, will be from 5 pm, after 5 entry points. Access points will be:

  • Des Boulevard
  • Julien Avenue / Gonod Street
  • Street blatina
  • Avenue of united states
  • Colonel Gaspard Avenue

Baggage checks and security checks will be carried out by authorized agents at the entrance to the security fence. Anyone with one of the following objects will be denied access to the body (or confiscate the object): glass bottles, aluminum cans, pyrotechnics, any other dangerous objects. Plastic bottles should be open.

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