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After supporting Malik Gaku Idriss, Sek recruits Amsat Saw Sidibe

The unsuccessful candidate to Amsatou Sow Sidibe had just set his sights on Idrissa Sek during a press conference held at her home in point E.

“After consulting with our political base, we decided to support candidate Idriss Sek, president of the IDY2019 Coalition, in the 2019 presidential election. Our choice is carefully considered after several meetings with the candidate himself. a choice that arose in the interests of Senegal and for the notorious changes, ”explained Professor Amsatu Sow Sidibé.

She also stresses that “Idriss Sek’s candidate showed sincere respect for female leadership.” “So this is hope at a time when all women’s candidatures were rejected after sponsorship was submitted to the Constitutional Council,” adds President Car Leneen, who is convinced that “the call of candidate Idissa Sek will translate the value of placing the right people in the right place for Senegal values, prosperous, all-encompassing and strong Senegal. "

Amsatu Sow Sidibe supports Idrissa Sek’s candidacy in addition to the candidates Malik Gaku, Sheikh Alassane Seine and Tierno Bokum. The fact that Khalifa Sall, to whom Idrissa Sek visited the prison, will already be received in anticipation of Wade's long-awaited order in favor of his former cabinet director.

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