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Why does acne increase in winter?

Why does acne increase in winter?
Why does acne increase in winter?

Why does acne increase in winter? Why does acne increase in winter? We publish our new news today through our telescope and start with the most important news, why does acne grow in winter? ".

Endoscopy Contrary to popular belief, spring and summer have increased their young grains, a recent study confirmed that winter is a good season for increasing acne.

The results of a study published by Time Magazine show that cold and dry cold temperatures can cause inflammation, which is one of the main pathogens for acne caused by a type of skin oil called "sebum" that helps keep your skin moist and fresh True, most fat glands are present in the forehead, nose, and chin areas, making the area susceptible to vesicles.

The study added that exposure to cold and dry air is one of many factors that can damage the skin barrier and promote inflammation, a problem for patients with acne, and in winter, when the skin is exposed to low levels of ultraviolet light, bacterial transformations and the immune system can increase the spread of acne.

Oil-free skin moisturizers can help moisturize the skin to reduce moisture and prevent skin from over-reacting to dry winter weather.

It is also recommended to slow down the importance of covering the face with a scarf or any other form of protection when exposed to outside air at low temperatures, because cold conditions can remove moisture from the skin, as well as stimulate dermatitis.

Doctors also stressed the need not to neglect acne medications even in winter, as this may lead to the transformation of the skin care procedure to a deterioration, but should not overly wash the skin so as not to aggravate the effects of winter drought.

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