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Sisi, with his diplomatic talent, is rebuilding his position in Egypt in the Arab and Islamic world.

“President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, with his brilliant and intensive diplomatic activities, is returning Egypt its full place in the Arab and Islamic world,” said the French news website Atlantic. Regional conflicts in Libya and Syria, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“President Sisi is more than a trump card to boost trade between Cairo and Paris,” he said, noting that French companies are present in many countries. From areas in Egypt and indirectly contribute to the ongoing process of economic reform. "

He noted that the Egyptian president is still valued by the Egyptians and is one of the most popular leaders on the Arab street, whether in the Arab Maghreb or in the Middle East.

The news website emphasizes Sisi’s determination to combat all forms of illicit trafficking and corruption in Egypt, and noted that since 2014, 1,400 cases of corruption had been transferred to the judicial system in order to bring to justice those involved in them, including former state employees.

He stressed that if the intervention of President Sisi in 2013 had not led to the overthrow of the former President Mohammed Mursi, Egypt would undoubtedly at best be transformed into a radical religious dictatorship, as well as into a collapse of the economy.

He stressed that all Arab countries, except Egypt, are now aware of the danger of “political Islam” and the Muslim Brotherhood, and noted that it is regrettable that France continues to accept this organization and allows it to freely disseminate its ideas, recalling that this group banned and classified as terrorist since 2013 in Egypt and Russia. Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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