Sunday , January 24 2021

Signs that you have a "good reputation"

There are a number of functions that a person must have a good reputation for, and these are signs that if you make you get a good reputation:

1 – Feelings of others:

A person who feels the tragedy of others and feels pain indicates that he is a man of conscience. When you try to solve the problems of others, it can show your moral commitment. Doing all this without waiting for others will make you a loved one.

2 – Honoring parents:

People who are honest with their parents and are well treated do not doubt that they have a good reputation, a good impression from others and a good example of society.

3. Thank you constantly:

When you are usually grateful to your language for those who improve you, you give yourself positive energy and you allow others to see your positive emotions.

4. Fulfillment and honesty:

In other words, to fulfill already and honesty, frankly with others, and to keep promises. Dear man is not in his morality.

5. Openness:

This means that a person is susceptible to others and unbiased.

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