Sunday , January 24 2021

Old Swiss watches go into battle with Apple

Traditional watchmakers are trying to keep up with technological advances and access to the market of artificial intelligence, especially after the first Apple smart watches in 2015. Swiss brands in the traditional watch world, such as Tag Heuer and Swatch, are working with smart software companies such as Intel and Alphabit to create hybrid watch models that combine old-fashioned form and intelligent functionality.
Sales of old Swiss watches have fallen sharply, especially after the release of the Apple Watch in 2015, which is expected to increase sales to 40 percent next year to 33 million watches, the Wall Street Journal reported. yesterday.
Earlier this year, Tag Heuer launched its first smart phone with smart features, such as receiving alerts, answering calls and displaying vital signs of the body.
But the company was deliberately designed as a “hybrid”, so it retained its old form with the introduction of smart features and remained a touchscreen, but Bluetooth, as well as the result of collaboration with Intel and Google.
Jean-Claude Biver, executive director of TAG-Hoyer, said that the production of hybrid watches was successful because it looked like real watches, but with all the technological features that the user needs.
The lowest price for a hybrid watch from Taj Heuer is $ 1,200, and the company's chief executive officer declined to disclose the sales volume of the new hour on world markets.

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