Monday , January 18 2021

The Russian national team "deservedly" lost to Sweden in the League of Nations match. Reedus

The Russian national team lost to the national team of Sweden in the UEFA League of Nations match at the Friends Arena in Stockholm with a score 2: 0. As a result, both teams scored seven points, but the Russians took second place in Group B, losing to the Swedes in additional indicators.

“The Swedish team has achieved an upgrade in the class, in the next League of Nations she will play in A. league. The Russians remained in league B, the Turkish team (3 points) was the last and dropped to league C,” R-Sport reports.

Last week, the Russian team lost to Leipzig in Germany in a test match with a score of 0: 3. Commenting on the game of his charges, Stanislav Cherchesov refrained from negative evaluations.

“The defeat is not insulting, but deserved. The Swedes played better, the victory of the Swedes is natural. Do not look here for what is not. We were not completely balanced. Results of the year: we had a good world championship and a good League of Nations, divided first place on points with the Swedes. All the games were at a fairly good level, ”Cherchesov said at a press conference.

“With big teams, like with Germans, or with a good home team, it's difficult to play Sweden. We did not have a large number of players. The Swedes almost all were in the ranks, but we lacked many, ”the coach added.

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