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“Guingamp” – “Monaco”, January 29, 2019, Golovin goal, match review

Alexander Golovin scored a goal for Monaco

Anatoly Romanov
Anatoly Romanov


Golovin's first goal did not save Monaco. European cups his team will not be

Monegasques flew out of the League Cup.


Monaco, no matter how ridiculous, until today continued to fight for the European Cup. In the semi-finals of the League Cup, Monegasques seemed to be lucky to get on the only team serving this season of Ligue 1 even worse. Outsider "Guingamp" completely unexpectedly for all beat in the quarterfinals on the road "PSG" in a crazy match with three penalties assigned to the gates of Parisians. The absurdity of that result was underlined by the victory that PSG soon won over Gengam in the championship with a score of 9: 0.

The game in Gengame was the first for Leonard Jardim after returning to the post of mentor "Monaco". Three days earlier, when the Monegasques lost in Ligue 1 to Dijon, the team officially led the acting head coach. Frank passy. Perhaps the composition then chose Passy. The thought of this suggests the decision of Jardim to abandon tactics with three central defenders and play the Stade du Rudur according to the 4-2-3-1 scheme. The Portuguese returned to the base Alexandra Golovinaleft in stock in Dijon.

The midfielder of the Russian national team is located on the left flank, and with it the group of Monegasque attacks were Marcus Lopes (on right), Cesc Fabregas (under the attacker) and a novice who debuted at Monaco Gelson Martins (in front). Rented from "Atletico" Portuguese played by the will of Jardim in the position of disqualified Radamel Falcao.

True, in the 11th minute, Zhardim had to adjust the game plan. For Monaco, the nightmare of the last matches continued. Another winter newcomer, former Dynamo midfielder William Vankor earned the removal for a rough foul against the forward "Gengam" Marku Thuramwhose brother Kefren, by the way, was sitting at that moment on the bench of the spare monegasques. Judge Jerome Brizard at first, he showed a yellow card to William, but thanks to the VAR system he changed the punishment: the replay convinced him that he needed to kick the player from the field. Severe newcomers from "Monaco". Prior to this, the protector Naldo retired in two games in a row, and now overdone Vankor.

However, after receiving a blow, the Monegasques did not fall apart, as usual, but they gave out perhaps the best time of the season. At last Golovin scored his first goal for Monaco! The guests fled to the counterattack after the corner “Gengam”, Martins made the transfer to the Russians, and Alexander flew into the penalty area on the right and struck the top right corner. It is interesting that Golovin was smiling even during the warm-up, despite the hail pouring from the sky. As if he had a premonition that good luck would smile at him this evening.

Goal Golovin happened already when the score was 0-1. Prior to this, a very beautiful ball with a “side scissors” kick was scored by Lopes, whom Martins also assisted. Two Portuguese pleased coach compatriot.
But miracles do not happen – in the second half, “Monaco” began to fall apart under the simple pressure of “Gengam”. The hosts were inspired by a quick goal scored in the 46th minute. Again "brought" a young defender Benoit Badyashil: after cutting it Alexander Mendy ran away from Camille Glick and realized one-on-one. After another 10 minutes, Thuram leveled the score with a long-range strike: here Martins faked while playing defense. In the remaining scoring chances of Monegasques rescued Daniel Subashich.

After the break, Golovin mostly ran without a ball, helping to defend himself. Although just with his transfer Lopes struck the first blow of “Monaco” in the second half. In the 78th minute, Zhardim replaced the tired Russian. Removed the coach from the field and Lopez with Martinsh.

Somehow the Monegasques reached the penalty shootout. According to the rules of the League Cup, extra time can only be in the final, so that the opponents would punish the penalty after 90 minutes of play. The coach of “Gengam” changed the goalkeeper in compensated time, firing on a foul shot of Monaco's graduate Mark-Orel Kayara. In previous stages, he won two series for his team. Kayar and now reflected two blows from the “point”, but Subashich also saved the Monegasques, when Thuram could bring “Gengam” to the final with one blow. Crazy match scenario! In the end, the failure of Sofian Diop was fatal – the midfielder who had replaced Golovin struck the crossbar. Monaco will not have European cups next season.

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